Christmas Party at SAFRA TAMPINES

Last week, I had an early Christmas Celebration Party at Safra Tampines!
Thanks Safra for the invitation!

It was my 1st time celebrating Christmas with Safra and really honored to be able to join them on this special occasion. Beside the buffet spread, there were lot of activities like Beads Making, Face Painting, Christmas Ornament Making as well as get entertaining performance by Explorer Joe, the ventriloquist. 

And there was a lucky draw too! The 1st prize was a mountain bike which a lucky lady won! Congratulation to her once again.

Ticket Price for the party:
$10.70 (SAFRA members) *Save $5.35 
$16.05 (Guests) 
$5.35 (children under 12 as of 14 Dec)

This is definitely a great party for family and friends to get together!

Santa and Snowman welcoming you at the entrance.

 I couldn't resist not taking a photo with them.

 There was also a fund-raising to help needy NSmen and their families, LEGO® bricks were sold in packs of 20 for $10. 

Lot of families came for the party!

 Phototaking session before entering the party!

So this was the programme that day!

Face painting but some do it on the hand.

 Beads making
 You need some patience to do it.

 Beautiful x'mas decoration at the party!

 So cute!

 There are Turkey and honey ham at the buffet spread.

and many other food.

 Of cause there are Logcakes too!

 My big plate of food!

 Guess who is up on stage?

 Yes, that's Explorer Joe! He is not only popular among the kids! 
Well even adult like me got entertained with his joke!

 Santa Claus! Hohoho... Merry Christmas to everyone!

There was also an interactive game where the mummy suppose to pair up with their children.
The kid get blind-folded and the mummies only can give verbal command to help her kids with the gift wrapping. It is of cause a great bonding session for them! And I guess some kids had their 1st time hand-on wrapping the gift too. 

Someone ever said I am the baby of Santa! 
Cause I am born on 25th Dec! =p

Thanks Safra once again for inviting me to this party!
Look forward for more wonderful events!

You too can take part in Safra's activities!

I'm sure you find one activity that suit you with your friends and family!