Little India Riot in Singapore

Singapore had always been a peaceful country with no riot for so many years.
But on 8th December 2013, there was a riot causing eighteen people, including 10 Police officers and four Singapore Civil Defence Force personnel injured and 2 people were killed. According to Channel NewsAsia, there were about 400 people involved in this riot.

What caused the Riot at Little India?

1. Private bus knocked down  33-year old Indian national, Mr Sakthivel Kumaravelu, at the road junction between Hampshire Road and Race Course Road.  The police received a call about the incident at 9:32pm.
2. Police cars, an ambulance and a fire engine arrived at the scene.  One police car was overturned by the crowd while the fire engine and ambulance got moved away. The second police got overturned as well.

3. Third police car overturned.

4. Rioters turned over and burned the police cars and ambulance.  Then riot police arrived the scene.

5. Rioters dispersed upon the riot police's arrival on the scene.

Credit above picture and info to Straits Time.

But what caused them to turn against the Police?
Did the Police provoke them? Did the police handle the case well? I read somewhere online the ambulance came late and the police did not treat the people well. Not sure who is right or wrong? I think will be good to hear from the tthe scene.

Here is a video of the riot:

Also check out  the news at

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said the riot in Little India was a very grave incident.
In a Facebook post early Monday morning, he said the government will spare no effort to identify the culprits and deal with them with the full force of the law.
Mr Lee also urged all Singaporeans to stay calm.