Visit Teochew Festival 2016 (潮州节2016) today

Hey guys, the Teochew Festival 2016 (潮州节2016) is back to promote the rich culture and heritage of Teochews in Singapore from 9 to 18 December 2016 at Sands Expo and Convention Centre Level 1 Hall A.

The event has a 45,000 square feet of exhibition space, is 1.5 times bigger than its inaugural event in 2014.

How much is the entrance tickets?
 The ticket is priced at $10 each. The ticket holder can enjoy a $3 rebate at the Food Zone (美食区) and Teochew Delicacy Zone. In addition, visitors can also enjoy full day parking at Marina Bay Sands at only $8 on weekdays.

Where is the place?
Sands Expo & Convention Centre Level 1 Hall A
1 Bayfront Ave, 018971

For More Information: Check Out Their Facebook Page here

Here are the highlights and my thoughts about the Teochew Festival 2016
Stunning outlooks of Teochew Cultural Dressing

Dr Peter Lim, (Organising chairman of the Teochew Festival 2016) delivering his opening speech

The festival, organised by Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan (潮州八邑会馆), was officially opened by Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong.
Teochew Festival 2016 Map
Teochew Songs sung by Young Kids
Cultural Gallery
The calligrapher writing Qiaopi (Remittance Letters) and words of blessing.
Teochew Migration History 
A Snippet of Teochew's Insights 
SK Jewellery Exhibition Booths
Teochew Si Dian Jin House
Head down to check out their gold collection & you might find something of your liking too
Handicraft Zone
Handmade Lanterns Displayed @ The Festival

Souvenirs and gift shop

Purchase some Handicraft items for your fellow friends this upcoming Christmas
NETS FLASHPAY : Top up your card to make purchases at the Teocheow Delicacy Booths, some of them are illustrated as followed below

Grand Opening Ceremony Photo Taking

The official grand opening of the Teochew Festival was held today on the 9th December 2016 at Sands Expo and Convention Centre Level 1 Hall A. It is an amazing event to promote the rich culture and heritage of Teochews in Singapore. This festival is organized by Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan (潮州八邑会馆) and it is well received by the public since the inaugural event in 2014. 

What I feel about the event?
The Teochew Culture has evolved over the years. We are able to compare with our current generation on what has changed and what hasn't. This being said, I am definitely sure that most of the delicacies have always been our all time favorite dishes. The authenticity of the dishes are still there and one must definitely head down to try it if you haven't tried most of the Teochew dishes available in the market.

I'm honored to have been able to see a gathering at such to prevent the Teochew Culture from being lost in future generations to come.

The event is hosted over a wide area of 45,000 square feet of exhibition space, which is spacious and able to host quite a large crowd. It may be big, but it's easy to manoeuvre about with the aid of the directional signage.  

I am fascinated by all the cultural performances as well as the exotic costumes and make-ups don by the performers. There are different aspects of this festival that one may find intriguing, which includes the cultural gallery, where you'll be able to catch a glimpse into the tough lives of early Teochew immigrants in Singapore through a display of Qiaopi (Remittance Letters) from overseas Chinese in the 1800s and 1900s.

There are a lot of scrumptious delights available at the food street, which features about 20 vendors comprising homegrown Teochew eateries namely Chui Huay Lim Teochew Cuisine, Chin Lee Restaurant, as well as food vendors from Shantou and Chaozhou, China. Some of the food and ingredients are also air-flown directly from Shantou China to ensure that visitors enjoy the taste of authentic Teochew cuisines.

I believe pictures speak a thousand words and the scrumptious delights shown below depicts how these mouth-watering delights may give you the extreme satisfaction required of you when you head down to this festival.

Teochew Bazhang, also known as Rice Dumplings
Teochew's Fishball Soup
Teochew's Pineapple Tarts

Chives Kueh

Tempting and Irresistible Pork Legs 
What are you waiting for?
Start planning on a trip with your family and friend today!

What: Teochew Festival (潮州节2016)
When: 9 to 18 December 2016, 10.30am to 9.00pm daily
Where: Sands Expo and Convention Centre Level 1 Hall A
Cost: $10 (Standard Ticket),  $9 (PAssion Card members)

Follow them on facebook for more updates.



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