Go big or go home?

I’ve recently been thinking about an age old adage – to choose between the pleasures of living the high, luxurious life or to keep it frugal and simple.

Life is certainly full of opportunities and delightful pleasures to soak yourself in. Be it chillin’ at the top of skyscrapers and infinity pool parties, or living in 5-star luxury hotels overseas and having attention and fame 24/7, it is no wonder why people fight and work so hard for “success”.

The Korean dramaEntourage has focused heavily on this meaningful topic and it has really triggered my thoughts about this area of life. A consecutive triple drama marathon from Descendants of the Sun, Doctors and W made me go on a frantic online search for dramas with the best story plots.

I believe everyone knows what drama withdrawal symptoms feels like, especially when its the final episode and there’s nothing else left to watch after that!

As these five men try their best to survive and excel in the industry, you’ll also be able to see the true meaning of friendship and what really exists behind all the glitz and glamour; bright and flashy cameras.
The best part? It stars popular Korean idols such as Seo Kang Joon, Lee Kwang Soo (Running Man)& more!

The drama reaches deep into complex human emotions and the complications of a luxurious, celebrity life, which really makes you wonder whether money and fame is everything. I highly recommend this show for everyone.

If you’re wondering where to watch it online for free with subtitles Viu is your best bet. Watch it here!

You can choose to stream on viu.com using your PC in the comfort of your home or even download the episode and save it into your mobile devices for offline viewing. Absolutely convenient, especially when I have to travel long distances in the MRT or bus, as it makes the time skip to my destination!

One of my favourite features of Viu is that it “remembers” where you left off from the episode. For example, if I stopped at Entourage Episode 6, 32minutes and 56 seconds in, it “remembers” that timestamp. Once you access Viu again across any of your saved mobile devices such as your PC, tablet, smartphone etc, the episode continues exactly where you left off.

Best part is, you might even stand to win a trip to anywhere in the world (worth $8,000) with your entourage just by watching shows on Viu!The more you watch on Viu this week, the higher your chances chances of winning. It’s completely free to take part in this contest, and the process is recorded automatically. Click here to find out more.

Now you can decide after having a taste of living the high life. Do not miss out on Entourage, and do not miss out on the chance to win the experience, because hey, you don’t lose anything, so why not take chances in life and try?

If you like to enjoy additional perks like unlimited downloads to watch on-the-go and priority viewing, there’s also a Premium option available at just $5.98/mth (Well... perhaps just by skipping a cup of latte and you get a month of non-stop entertainment)!

I’m always impressed with the fact that Viu always releases hot Asian entertainment in the quickest time – they sub it and release it in high definition within hours of its live telecast in its native country.

Take for instance, Entourage is available on Viu right after Korea’s telecast and I heard the upcoming show Goblin by the writer and director of Descendants of the Sun, starring Gong Yoo from Train to Busan would also be available on Viu just 4 hours after Korea on the same day!

I won’t spoil you any further, so for a start check out these dramas for yourself here.



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