Iron Man movie on Labour Day

1st May 2008 (Labour Day), went out with 11 friends to watch Iron Man at Cineleisure. If you ask me what movie is the best so far I have watched. I will said out loud that Iron Man is the best!

For those who have not see this movie, better go and watch it! It's really nice and cool! Iron Man rox!!!

It really enjoying to be able to watch with you guys and it was such a nice movie too! Hope you guys enjoyed the movie watching together.

Lot of chips passing around. Sarah, the chocolate you bought we never get to eat too hor... Forget to get from you... Below is what I bought from AMK Hub's NTUC. Very cheap. The Pokka drinks is only $1.85 for 2 bottles (On offer).

The show started at 7.30pm and because it was free seatings. Gary, Siyi and Sarah informed that they will be late. The rest 9 of us who were early decided to go in the cinema 1st in order to grab good seats. When the light for Hall 2 to enter lighted up, everyone was like so kiasu rushing to get the best seat lor.

I still remembered that there was an auntie who was in front of me running in to get her seat.She made me feel so worry and I started to walk faster with the rest too.

We were quite fast and managed to get the last 2nd and 3rd row for sitting. Everyone settled down and left the seats booking for Gary, Siyi and Sarah. Subsequently around 7.20pm, Gary and Siyi came. Followed by Sarah who came after her work at Tangs. Lucky all came on time before the show start.

And soon everyone was sitting down comfortablely and having their drinks, popcorns and potatoes chips even before the show start.

Feeling so exicited for the show to start... Yeah!

Iron Man at Cineleisure Cathay

Robert Downey Jr really suit the role of Iron Man. I agreed with Terence.

Back Row: Hanyang, Kobe, Dezheng, Sarah, Siyi, Gary

Front: Myself, Hanyang's Friend, Edwin, Tommy, James and Terence

You can obviously tell how good the movie was from

our smile and hand sign, right?

Omg!!! Dezheng and Kobe acting Gay!!!

Let chill at TCC!!!

Our favourite hangout playing game- Sleeping Queen

Tommy, Edwin, Dezheng & Sarah

Princess Sarah and her two eunuch ("Small Table" on her left and "Small Chair" on her right)

Looking cool...

Movie Title: Two guys in love
Rating: RA
Genre: Romance
Starring: Kobe Wong & Wang Dezheng
Directed by: Sarah Yam

Guys, here the "Shi Lian Pai" video of my forfeit for playing "Sleeping Queen"