Tidying my office + Electroslim treament

This morning was doing a late spring cleaning for my office which I am sharing with my manager.

Ya finally a day set just for tidying up the place instructed by my boss as he couldn't stand the mess. We got nearly no space to walk around, the whole place was filled with magazines, brochures and some exhibition stuff.

Before and After pictures taken (Click to view bigger)-

This below photo is my desk-

After my work today, I went for a Electroslim treatment at FOR HIM MEN'S SPA located at Pacific Plaza. It a free voucher which I won in a Asiaone Contest.

This treatment is worth $90 according to the voucher. It was a 20 mins session. Quite an interesting experience...

1st- I was asked to take off my clothes and wear only a pair of short given by them. So paisei...

2nd- They measure my weight.

3rd- They asked my to lie down on the bed.

4th- They sticked 4 green pads with gel onto my tummy.

5th- After putting them in place, she on the machine.

6th- Subsequently, I started to feel something on my tummy. The feeling was so fun... Like someone playing drum on my tummy. Haha.... Quite cool man...

After the treatment, the staff of the Spa Centre asked me how was the treatment and asked if I want to sign up as member with them.

I knew it! Nothing is for free in this world. They want to psycho customer to sign up their package.

I was determined not to fall for her trick and lie to her saying that I am a student and no money to sign up and it's works. Telling her I will come back when I have the money. Haha...

So happy can enjoy this 20 mins for free!!!

More contest winning!!! Thanks god for all this winning!!!

Recently entered a few mother's day contest and the prizes was quite attractive to win. Hope I can win something from this few contest I submitted and share with my dearest mum as a surprise beside the gift that I buying her with the rest of my siblings.

1. http://forums.asiaone.com/showthread.php?t=10312&page=6
2. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/viewContent.jsp?id=21487
3. http://showtime.omy.sg/index.php?option=com_articlest&task=detail&articleID=4162&cid=123&type=&countview=viewed



  1. Shiok ah! Haha! I also want leh. :D

    Ah Moon

  2. think i am going to give it a try this June .. let u know the outcome .. :P