"A New You" Contest @ Suntec City- 7 Sept 2008

Prize: Grand Prize:
(x2 winners) $8,000 worth of Suntec City Mall shopping vouchers
Consolation Prize:
(x8 winners) $800 worth of Suntec City Mall shopping vouchers

In conjunction with The Straits Times 163rd anniversary and its new look, 163 lucky readers will be selected for a makeover on Sunday 7th Sep from 11am at Suntec City Mall.

Each will be given $200 to shop for apparel and accessories suited to the allocated theme (Casual, executive or elegant), plus hairstyling by Anthony Hair Boutique.

Your new look will be further complemented by celebrity stylist, Genecia Luo with make-up by mernard.

10 participants with the ebst refreshed looks will then vie for the Grand winner titles (1 male, 1 female) on Sat 20 Sep 4pm, at Suntec City Mall.

Yes I was selected to be one of the 163 lucky readers. A few days after I emailed them my close-up and full body photo for taking part in this contest, I received their reply that I was selected. I was very happy and looking forward for this day to come.

Special thanks to contestjunkie.blogspot.com !!! If not I would not have know of this contest!

Jasmine who also sent in her photo was not selected, probably due to too many girl responsed to the contest. The day before the contest I was at Sentosa and was chatting with Edison and found out that he also got selected for the contest.

We are so happy that we got each other to acompany in the contest.

On the day of the contest, I met up with Edison for a early breakfast before heading down to Suntec City Mall, Water Pearl Fountain. When we reached there, there are about 20 over people waiting for the registration. Edsion got number 21 and I got number 23.

After registration, we were given 3 game card (Casual, Executive & Elegant) to choose and each game card will tell us what kind of theme we suppose to buy our clothes with the $200 Suntec Vouchers they gave us. We are given 90 minutes to shop for our clothes and also makeup+Hair-styling before proceeding for our phototaking. Edison and I chose Casual and we are very happy to have chosen what we wanted.

After a briefing on the contest and tips on how to dress ourselves, Edison and I are all ready to start shopping. I told Edison this is the 1st time I go shopping so happy without worrying of spending.

We went to the designated stores (Fat Face, Gap, Fox, G2000) to hunt for our clothes. In the end we finally decided on what to get.

Edison bought a nice checker shirt from Fat Face and a white printed T-shirt from Fox. I bought a vest and a long sleeve shirt from Fox and a brown coloured belt from Fat Face.

Have you ever try putting on new clothes to try and pay on the spot without taking it off. It was so cool lor... We walked out of the store with our new clothes and head to Menard for our makeup and later proceed to the hair-stying area before ending with the phototaking.

We had lot of fun during the 90min. I told Edison this was the best shopping... He was telling me ya lor and even if we ask our dad for $200 for shopping, he might not give us too... Maybe we have to W.L.L or T.K.K for it. Haha... =p

Luckily we sticked to the rule of the contest, to purchase from at least 2 designated stores and did not got disqualified.

Recently I got news from Laurelle that she was disqualified on the spot for purchasing only from one store. But I guessed she was not sad as she was very satisfied with the $200 Suntec Voucher she already won.

We went for our lunch at Just Noodle with Tommy and some of my churchmates. After lunch we had some group photo takeing too. So fun!!!

Lydia & Tommy

Lydia & William
Angela & William

William, Tommy & Edison
Angela, Pingping & Lydia

How was my new casual look?

This is Edison's casual look

Met Jasmine after lunch too. We went to shop around in Suntec and also watched a movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". It was a movie recommended by Gary. The movie was very funny. There was a lot of R-rated scene which I felt was not necessary like the guy kept on flashing his dick. So erxin.... Overall I rated this movie 6/10.

But I enjoyed watching the movie overall after all is with my dear... Afer the movie we walked to Esplanade and enjoyed the scenery. So nice!!!

I will bring my dear there often next time since she and I enjoyed it...



  1. I like your casual look! N your friend's too :)

    You are both very boyish cute!