Pull & Bear Private Event + Dinner (4 Sept 2008)

4 September 2008, Tommy and Zoey was involved in the
Pull & Bear Private Event (Super Hero Theme).
Tommy was dressed as a Joker and Zoey as the Wonderwoman.

It's really cool la. Poor Tommy have to put up the makeup on his face... I just felt that he should get more pay due to that makeup on his face, whereas for other just have to wear costume and mask.

Batman and Joker (Tommy)

Pretty Wonderwoman (Zoey) and Joker (Tommy)

Tommy, the evil Joker

Zoey, the pretty Wonderwoman!

Zoey, the Wonderwoman posing for the camera...

Gary, Edwin and myself was there 1st to witness Tommy, the Joker!
Terence and Samuel later came and took a picture with Tommy!

More photo click here- http://s46.photobucket.com/albums/f102/kiehlskiehls/Pull%20and%20Bear%20Private%20Event/