Sentosa Beach Outing with Kiehl's Boys and Jasmine- 6 Sept 2008

6th Sept 2008, we went to Sentosa for relax, fun, gathering and supposely a farewell for our Kiehl's brother, Yaohui but he did not turn up that day... Most of us were disappointed in him...
We had purposely planned this day to have our gathering with him and last minute he chose not to turn up.
Anyway we still want to wish him all the best in his National Service! Take care too!
Edwin did not turned up that day too as he was not feeling well.
Depite all this people, we still have lot of fun! Jasmine came around 2plus and she bought us "Pie Kia" pie, chicken sausages and jelly.
So swt of her! Thanks Jasmine!
We had soccer and volleyball playing...

Edison brought Tracce that day too... So cute....
Edison and Tracce
Tommy and Tracce
William and Tracce

Our Picnic Lunch... So yummy!!!

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