Our 3rd outing

Yes just yesterday (Wednesday) was our 3rd outing together! Dear had wanted to treat me dine at Ms Clarity at City Hall there. So we planned to meet at City Hall MRT after my work.

I was quite early that day. Knowing that Ron is selling mooncakes at Raffles City 3rd floor, I went there to show some support! He was in red tee and selling mooncakes for a Hong Kong established brand "Wing Wah ".

Anyone interested in buying mooncake? Go find Ron and he will give you good deal, trust me !!! Jasmine and myself would know why=)

This brand is well-known for their Mooncakes and Chinese pastries, such as Wife Cakes and the Almond Cookies. They have been in the industry for 58 years, and their Mooncakes have won them numerous awards and accolades, including some internationally recognised ones for their quality products.

Something special of Wing Wah is that all their mooncakes are 100% authentically made in Hong Kong by Wing Wah themselves.

After some trying of the different flavour they had, I bought 2 boxes of mooncakes. One for my family and one for Jasmine's family.

This is the mooncake box I bought with 6 mini mooncake inside but the box is quite big la...

Can put more and you get what I mean if you are smart? One box is $28!

After buying the mooncake from Ron, we wanted to go to Ms Clarity, but It was raining. So we got to change our designation.

We went to NYNY at Citylink instead. And we had a roasted chicken (Whole) and a fish and chip to share. It was sure a great meal, as we were very full after that....

Then we walked back to Raffles City for chill out and also to discuss on our project. Wonderful restuarant with nice lighting and fountain... Forget what is the name of the place... It is at basement 1 of Raffles City and we had agreed to come back in another 2 week times...

After the drinks, we walked to the opened space dancing area near Esplanade and looked for Jamine Brother gf and watched her dance for awhile. She was with some of her dancing buddy. They were practising some dance and they were dancing very well I felt.

Then a sudden I thought of Terence, who is another dance lover. And if he was there, he might really move his body and dance with them too... As they were dancing hip hop too...Cool....

Terence we will be waiting for you to teach us how to dance too...