Do Singaporeans dress badly?

Hi everyone! Have you start your GSS shopping?
Well if you haven’t, you may do so from now till 26th July 2009.

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And for this season of Great Singapore Sale, Nuffnang hosted a blogging contest and like to hear from the blogger's point of view on this topic "Do Singaporeans dress badly?"

This is a great chance for me to voice out my opinion for this topic.

Asking myself again this question ”Do Singaporeans dress badly?”

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Well if we will to compare our fashion with Japan, I would said Singaporean dressed very safe. Maybe it also part of our Singapore culture that we are quite conservative.

But that doesn’t mean Singaporean are not willing to take up fashionable dressing. We do have our own unique way of fashion sense too.

I think Singapore we will never follow the fashion of Japan till that extent of Guys having hairclip on their hair and girl having super long eyelid. (ha...)

I still prefer Singapore Fashion Style, is more easy to accept.

Here are some photograhs I took within 5 minutes at Somerset MRT Stn, showing you what most of the Singaporean dressed when they come to Orchard Road.
What do you think of their dressing?

The key to being fashionable is not in the brand of clothes you’re wearing or the trend you’re following, it’s in knowing what fits your body type and flatters your figure best.

In this world of competition, it's important to dress well. Dressing well helps people to look at you with a lot of respect. It says that you care.

Try walking down Orchard Road and you are bound to have your head turning when you see someone well turned out. So do you want heads turning when you step out today?

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Is it enough to step into a shop of some repute and buy what catches your eye? Well if you have a great physique and an extraordinary personality, chances are that you will be able to carry off most clothes.

On the other hand, you may just be some one on the block, but have a desire to climb the ladders of life and good living.

Let’s see if I can show you along the way on how to make the most of what you have.

What you need to address first is ‘what’s your body type?” The next thing you need to look at is your age group. You do not want to dress way out of your age group. The latest fashion may not be just right for you when you consider your body type. The latest fashion is best suited for those well defined bodies that one sees in advertisements.

Men who are over weight would never look good in a double breasted suit no matter how high fashion it may be as on today. A single breasted suit is the only one for you if you wish to look slimmer. A double breasted suit just makes over weight people look heavier than they even are.

Similarly do not buy a trouser that’s fitting around the hip. Instead, get one that fits well around the waist and is comfortable around the hip. For men who are just that little bit to slim it is advised to buy your self a well tailored suit/blazer in softer drapes. This softer drape helps fill up the suit and you will project a larger size than normal. For the short or the rather tall individual, it has been found that wearing a single color works to their advantage in projecting them personally.

Despite some times being in great shape we may have problems like longer legs compared to the upper body for example. A good way out in such a case is wear jeans or trousers that are fitted around the hip in stead if the waist. Avoid having waist cuffs on sweaters and jackets. For those who would like their shoulders to look great, shoulder pads are very much part of a mans ward robe.


Know how to dress right and highlight your best features by following these fashion do’s and don’ts.

Bulky or plus-size men
Do wear: Tops and bottoms that are similar in color, preferably black to make you look thinner. V-neck shirts can make your neck look longer. Go vertical in your pattern to visually slim down your silhouette.
Don’t wear: Large and busy prints; horizontal and diagonal-striped apparel.

Tall and skinny men
Do wear: Straight-cut or boot-cut jeans with a long inseam. Whites, creams, light blues, light grays and pastels are the best colors for this body type. Horizontal-striped shirts can make your shoulders appear broader. Layered shirts are trendy and can add visual weight.
Don’t wear: Skinny jeans and loose-fitting shirts. Round-toed shoes can make you look disproportionate.

Short men
Do wear: Square-toed shoes. Accessories like necklace, tie, hat, baseball cap or bandana to visually give you an extra inch or two of height. Shirts with small prints to make you look bigger.
Don’t wear: Long or bulky shoes, which can make you look like a clown. Giant prints can make you look shorter and smaller.

Pear shape: Has slim upper body, shapely waist, full hips and thighs.
Do wear: Light-colored, semi-fitted or tailored tops to highlight your slim torso; dark bottoms to minimize your hips and thighs; and A-line skirts.
Don’t wear: Thigh-hugging skirts.

Round shape: Has full breasts and stomach, round or fuller back with narrow hips and thin legs.
Do wear: V-necks or necklines that are elongated to slenderize your neck; dark tops and light bottoms to give you a slimmer shape.
Don’t wear:
Tight skirts and fitted tops because these will accentuate a large torso.

Diamond shape: Has narrow shoulders, small breasts, full hips and thighs.
Do wear: Light tops with extra details like puffed sleeves or pockets, or a simple boat-neck collar to create the illusion of a curvier torso.
Don’t wear: Bottom-heavy pants.

Straight shape: Has very little curves, undefined waist, flat bottom and slender legs.
Do wear: Ruffled tops or skirts to add shape to your figure. Sheath dresses or shirtdresses are also very flattering.
Don’t wear: Belts that will make your waist thicker, and heavily pleated fabric at the waist.

Full figure: Has voluptuous curves.
Do wear: High-heeled shoes to lengthen your body.
Don’t wear:
Loose-fitting and oversized clothes that will make you look bigger.

Hourglass shape: Has proportional bust, waist and hips, and very easy to dress.
Do wear: Belted tops and dresses to accentuate your waist and flatter your curves.
Don’t wear: Oversized and baggy clothes.


Flip Flops in Singapore got very popular especially when New urban Male brought in the Havaianas. The design are trendy and matches very well with berm and beach wear.

Wearing Pyjamas Out, Good Or Bad?

Wearing your Pyjamas out is a sure a "never happen" thing in my life to me. Unless I am naked and got no clothes to wear, else I will sure not wear that out. Those are meant to be wore for sleeping. The most maybe for a Pyjamas Party I will wear them. Haha....

This is what I did with my pyjamas... if I really have no choice but to go out with this...

Do you think I can go out with this now? =p











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So what do you think?

"Do Singaporeans dress badly?”



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