Singapore's First Bloggers Flash Mob at Orchard Road (Organised by Nuffnang)

A FLASH MOB is an activity where a large group of people (YOU) would assemble in a public place and suddenly perform an interesting act together for a mere few minutes only to quickly disperse away after.

In this Flash Mob we had outside Heeren, we were first arrive with our pyjamas underneath our disguise. On the cue given by Nuffnang staff, we took off our disguise and perform a 'Silent Dance' in our Pyjamas for about 2 minutes.

Then, we put on our disguise back on and walk away as per usual. We will told to bring a MP3 player as well! It was a prop to pretend we are listening to some music while dancing with our pyjamas.

This was also a chance to meet some of the celebrity bloggers in Singapore.

Ya they did the dance with us too!

My buddy, Edison who was also
a active blogger went with me for this event too!

We are in Group 2!

A picture taken with the famous blogger, Pretty Xiaxue
and her cute little puppy, Pumpkin!

Another famous blogger, Sheylara
which we saw!

So we did the stripping outside Heeren near to Old Chang Kee Store!

It was super crowded then...

And Nuffnang is alway nice to the bloggers....
They gave everyone a goodies bag!

Here you see me and Edison stripped to our Pyjamas already!
This will be the only time you see us in this attire
at Orchard Road I guessed...

It was a fun experience!
Thank god the rain did not come that evening!
If not we will never have this
"Singapore's First Bloggers Flash Mob"



  1. hello! i was there too! haha. it was so much fun aye!!