Happy Father's Day

Do you think I look like my dad?

My Dad is the strong, silent type, never complaining despite setbacks.

"I couldn't easily find words to describe my Dad. He is the best Dad ever and he means more than words to me."

If I really had to find three words to describe him, then these would be the ones."

Strong -- My father is a strong dad. He used to run a factory with 2 workers in the engineering business for about 30 years. That was even before I was born."

However, for the past 2 years, his business has not been doing very well due to the economic crisis. He had no choice but to cut down to one worker and just 2 months ago he closed this business.

I know he must be feeling very sad to have to close the factory.

To someone who has always been a businessman in the engineering industry, without any other work experience, this must have been a tough thing for him."A few weeks later, he finally got a job as a lorry driver. It was not easy for him to start this new job.

But I have never heard him complain at all. His strong character has made him stand up again even after this fall.

Caring -- My Dad is a very caring dad. Every morning, he calls my handphone just to make sure I don't oversleep and go to work late."He checks my wallet everyday to make sure I have money. Else he will secretly put some money into my wallet. This is his character, he always makes sure I am well taken care of.

I remember when his business was not doing well, he did not have much income for the family. And on one occasion, he was short of money but still gave me whatever he had to make sure I had enough to spend.

I was touched by his love toward me.

Teaching -- My Dad is a teaching Dad. Although he caned me lots of times when I was young. But I think he had taught me to be responsible for what I do and the consequences I have to face. He wants me to learn through the pain. I have never blamed him for caning me. I am glad to have been brought up this way."I love you, Dad!

"Happy Father's Day!"

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