DInner and Dance 2009

Dinner and Dance at Grand Copthrone Hotel

The dinner started off with this! Yummy....

The host for the night

Let's sing and move our body together everyone!

A very nice positive song reminding us to always look on the bright side of life!

Ok this is some of the performance- The Cats

Chocolate factory

MSW Department

Enjoying ourselves with the dance leaded by the host!

After seeing so much of photo, you should know how much we enjoyed this Dinner and Dance right? If only everyone of MSW departement was there that night.... it will be more fun sure!

I like this photo! This photo capture our fun moment together!

Tommy with the hairdo!

Ok that is stupid i think....



Christmas is coming and we are all so looking forward for the christmas party!

Setting up the christmas tree... (*Pretending)

Merry Christmas Everyone!

A video I took to share with everyone!
I think the host did a great job in getting everyone out of the dinning table and have this dance!

Watch it! Enjoy ya!
Start moving your body too!