World Aids Day 2009- Your life, your canvas

As you may know, World AIDS Day falls on December 1, a day when many people around the world can often be seen wearing the red ribbon that has now become a familiar symbol of:

· CARE and CONCERN for people living with HIV and those who have died from AIDS;

· HOPE in the search for a vaccine and care; and

· SUPPORT for people living with or affected by HIV

But beyond the red ribbon, how relevant is HIV/AIDS to the average person on the street? Do we only think about HIV/AIDS one day every year? How many of us walk around unaware or with a false sense of security that “HIV/AIDS will never happen to me”?

Your life, your canvasis our theme for World AIDS Day this year and is inspired by the notion that we are all responsible for painting the canvas of our own lives. What we choose to put on that canvas is entirely up to us, and the choices we make all contribute to a constantly evolving picture.

Here is a thought-provoking short film, “August 29”, created by HPB and a group of young people, to start people thinking about opening their hearts and fighting discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS. It was first screened at HPB’s ”Open Your Heart” event last year:

This year World AIDS Day, there will be a great event held at SupperClub!

Date/time: Saturday, December 5, from 6-10pm

It will be event of art, music and dance, featuring guest appearances by Jack & Rai, who will be performing “Pixelated” – the song that we have chosen to mark this year’s World AIDS Day in Singapore – and other bands. The Killer Gerbil may also be there (TBC).

Interested in attending this event?
Click here now!!!

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