World Aids Day- Blogger Social at Screening Room

I was invited to an exclusive evening with Jack & Rai
at The Screening Room by Health Promotion Board.

It was also to discuss on how we, blogger can actually reach out
to our readers with some positive messages about AIDS.

This year, the World AIDS Day signature event will be held on 5th December
and I will announced more details to you all soon.

So that you all can join me in this fun and meaningful event.

Really happy and honored to be part of this event!

Thanks to HPB!!!

Thanks for the food from HPB!!!

Guess what is this?
Yes it is raw beef with raw egg!
I ate one serving and don't really like....
Hemm so do most of the people who tried... Haha...

Jack & Rai singing for us a song "Pixelated"
specially written for World AIDS Day this year.

More food for us.... That was Jayden who was there too...

William and Diana

Ok Diana, I added your link in here... See you soon at Supperclub ya!



  1. Yo! Thanks for coming! Still not getting a twitter account? Hee...

  2. See yew very very soon!!! hehehe