2009 Let's Party With Food VII (食福满人间VII) Episode 4

Recently got selected to attend a game show 食福满人间7,
which will be out on

20 Dec(Sun) 9pm Channel 8!!!

It's quite a fun experience! I really quite serious in the game during my final round if you will to watch it that show! I will laugh at myself being on tv for the 2nd time after Giant Stars 2009 show.

Gary, Edison, James, Michelle Tan, Dylan will be in the show too! We are all in different episode! A peek at Gary in his jumper attire here!

So catch us in the show k! I will keep you guys updated when the show is near.
Total there are 8 episodes and out of 8 episode, I will see 6 episodes which have my friend in it. So fun! Should record it down... Haha

This people are setting up the pool table for us to play

Camera rolling... And ACTION...

Daren and myself all gear up for our final battle
in the tv game show coming soon on TV! Wondering why my face or hair is white?
Catch the show to find out! I cannot tell you too much for now...
I can say I went through 4 stages and really exciting!

Must WATCH k!

From left: Myself, Alex, Daren & Serena

With Qian Yi Da Ge!

With the mediacorp stars like Qian Yi Da Ge, Wong Ai Ling, Huang Hui...
My partner is Wong Ai Ling, the gal who wore red beside me.