Animax and OCBC YES! Card- Sundown Festival

It's really K-J-Pop crazy on 30th July!!!

I was one of the 30 selected bloggers to attend the Sundown Festival's Meet the Fans session held at IMM.

I'm delighted to be given this honour to attend the event.

Not only that, I was also given two tickets to the Sundown Festival and a OCBC YES! Picture Card which I can customise it by having my own picture on the card!!! Cool!!!

This OCBC YES! Picture Card comes with visa, nets, ez link and cash card, and atm card all rolled into one.

So my wallet will be slimmer when I go out! YEAH!!!

The normal card has been on the market for a while already but that they're pre-releasing a new variation to selected bloggers. This is variation is actually a customizable card, i.e. you can put any picture onto the YES! Card.

I was told it is not out on the markets yet, won't be till earliest September.
And I'm really lucky to have it! (Stay tuned for my coming post on my picture card after I get it.)

Thanks to Animax and OCBC YES! Card for giving me the honour to attend this event!

Mint, Jackie and Yongwei were also at the event! So fun!!!

AFTER SCHOOL, F.CUZ, SuG, LM.C was there and fans are allowed to take picture with them. I took photo with AFTER SCHOOL and they were really pretty!

Visit OCBC YES! Card today!!!