OCBC YES! Card Challenge 2010

The One Card That

You & Me Should Have!!!

1) With the OCBC YES! Card, you can pay for anything, anytime, anywhere in any way.

2) This smart debit card, which draws directly from your linked savings or current account, is power packed with the ability to choose whether you want to pay with VISA, NETS or EZ-Link. Need cash urgently sometime, no sweat! It's an ATM card too! With the security enhancing EMV chip, OCBC YES! Card lets you enjoy a peace of mind.

3) Other plus points of The OCBC YES! Card! It is a cool, modern, and is a versatile tool which offered perfect convenience to manage your finances.

4) And many many more plus points, you get to enjoy the benefits, privileges and discounts of OCBC Cardmembers at 1000 outlets over Singapore! Details here: http://www.ocbc.com/personal-banking/cards/promotions/dining.shtm

5) Sign up for the OCBC YES! Card online http://www.ocbc.com/personal-banking/cards/yes/index.html

Okay, so how do I join the OCBC YES! Card Challenge?

1) Film yourself telling us what you would if you were given $8000 to spend within 24 hours.

2) Get your creative juices flowing! The most interesting ideas will win you the chance to make it happen! Plus a camera crew will film you bringing your idea to life, giving you a chance to be a star on TV!

3) How to enter the challenge? Click on on http://www.yescardchallenge.com/

4)Get your friends and family to vote for you because the judges’ top 2 video choices and 1 viewers’ top voted video would get to live out their challenge for real!