NEA Litter Munchers- Cool Bin

Inda Bingo Muncher, Robo Muncher and Munster Muncher were at Lorong Mambong, Holland Village last saturday (21 Sept 2010) and I was there with the rest of the selected bloggers.

Who are the Litter Munchers?
The National Environment Agency (NEA) has unveiled a series of Litter Munchers as part of its nationwide campaign to curb littering among youths in Singapore. The Litter Munchers are litter bins which have been given a unique personality to motivate youths to keep their environment clean.

That is Inda Bingo Muncher on the top picture!!!

I took photo with our Munster Muncher and ROBO Muncher too! Cute right!!!

Wow! I got free drinks from Walawala because of the photo taken with the Litter Munchers!!! Cool!!! Somemore is a 1 for 1, thus I drank 2 glass of wine!!!

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