Mum, I'm HUNGRY!!!!
What in this CP's bag?

WOW!!! It's the all-new CP Japanese Crispy Gyoza!!!
There are 2 packets inside!!!
Mum can I cook 1 packet?

Minimal fuss and preparation
The CP Japanese Crispy Gyoza requires minimal fuss and preparation, and is ready to be served by just deep-frying for 2 to 3 minutes or baking in the oven for 5 to 5½ minutes.

Mum, see I prepared one extra dish for our dinner tonight!!!
Made with top-quality ingredients and containing no preservatives, the CP Japanese Crispy Gyoza will be a great welcome addition to any party – and definitely very convenient to have at hand if there are unexpected guests too!

Personally I have tried the all-new CP Japanese Crispy Gyoza and I'M IN LOVE WITH IT!!!
because I'm an avid fan of the Japanese gyoza and the American chicken nuggets and these really tantalises my taste buds by innovatively combining the mouth-watering fillings of the gyoza with the crispy crust of the nugget.  

A delicious twist on the popular Japanese dish, the CP Japanese Crispy Gyoza guarantees a sensation of rich flavours in your mouth – tender juicy chicken with fresh cabbage combined with a thin crust that has been fried to golden perfection. What a great way to get children these days to eat more veggies, because kids will love this new creation! 
Where to get them?
CP Japanese Crispy Gyoza is now available at NTUC FairPrice outlets and will be available in all leading supermarkets island-wide by mid-August 2012 at $4.60 per pack

Product information
Net weight: 300g
Pack type: Pack
Meal type: Side dish, snack, appetiser, finger food
No preservatives added

Convenient cooking method
No defrosting required (straight from freezer to deep-fryer or oven)
Deep-Fryer: Deep-fry at 170ºC for 2 – 3 minutes
Oven: Bake in preheated 200ºC for 5 – 5½ minutes

Food safety tips
CP Foods has made the effort to print food safety tips on the bag of the packaging of each product to help educate consumers.


About CP Foods (CPF)

Being one of Asia’s leading agro-industrial and foods conglomerates, CPF Group strives to maintain its leading position in the industry and successfully compete in the international arena (U.S.A., Europe and Asia). The Company is determined to fulfill its vision of becoming the “Kitchen of the World”, placing significant importance on research and development to improve production quality, safety and efficiency.

CPF’s success story is tied closely to the company’s fully integrated farming and production process. CPF controls every single process from the first step of breeding to the eventual branding and marketing of its ready food products. It pays close attention to the freshness of ingredients at every stage to ensure customers get the best quality products.

The Company is dedicated to providing food products which are high in quality, nutritious, hygienic and safe. Its world-class plants meet many international regulations, requirements and certifications including HACCP, GMP, BRC, OSHAS, ISO and Animal Welfare Standard. Every step of the farming and production process is based on the practice of good animal welfare and concern for the environment, by being safe and drug-residual free. CP Foods shrimp farms also practice the green shrimp technology that prohibits the use of antibiotic medicines. Instead, friendly microbes for the growth of healthy shrimp are used.

In Singapore, CP Foods has launched retail products in the form of CP brand (frozen shrimp, frozen shrimp wonton and frozen cooked chicken). Further, CP Foods would also like to extend the Frozen Shrimp and Chicken product lines. CP Foods also initiated and organised the CP Biggest Eater Competition in 2010 and 2011-2012, the first and largest-scaled professional biggest eater competition ever held in Singapore and Asia Pacific. The world’s top eaters competed with local finalists in the nation-wide contest on CP Shrimp Wontons, making it the first and largest-scaled biggest eating competition to use wontons as the competing food item. 



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