Live coverage of SIJS 2012!!!

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I'm here at the Singapore International Jewelry Show (SIJS) 2012 held at Marina Bay Sands doing live coverage here!

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Opening speech by Minister of Syate for Trade & Industry and National Development, Mr Lee Yi Shyan.

The VIPs, Guests & Media attending the event.

Prize presentation

Models showcasing the jewelry at the event.

Joon for Jade Culture: The dragon pendant in 18k White/ yellow gold with diamonds and rubies; Imperial Jade Circle Carving; Lapis Lazuli & Fire Opal.

Joon for Jade Culture: Unique Crane jewelry

More unique jewelry from Jade Culture.

More unique jewelry from Jade Culture.

Jade Culture: A unique peacock jewelry


Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Convention Centre Halls
July 12 to 15 2012

Exhibition Hours:
1pm to 8pm (July 12) 11am to 8pm (July 13 and 14), 11am to 7pm (July 15)

The Largest Jewellery Show Yet!
More than US$120 million in exhibits by 190 exhibitors from 22 countries spanning 7,700 square metres.

The largest collection of diamonds and rare, natural gemstones in Singapore.

Special focus on Investment Pieces International experts on hand to advice on investing in gemstones with special focus on the fastest growing demand for rare gemstones worldwide.

Largest Blue Sapphire to be showcased in Singapore 99-carat rare cornflower blue stunner certified by the Gem Research Swisslab (GRS) and issuedPlatinum Rarity Award Issue certificate.

The Singapore International Jewellery Show (SIJS) returns with its eighth presentation at Singapore’s glam centre, the Marina Bay Sands Singapore from July 12 to 15, 2012. The show has become a magnet for the most exquisite range of jewellery and designs from around the world. Backed by strong support from local government bodies and the international jewellery industry, the Singapore International Jewellery. Show brings together leading local and international jewellers, manufacturers and suppliers to showcase a truly spectacular trove of jewellery, gems and accessories to both members of the trade and the public. This year the organisers celebrate the robust consumer interest in rare gemstones with a show that hails the return of glam and successfully integrates two areas of interest – jewellery and investment.

The Singapore International Jewellery Show 2012 is special for several reasons.

The show highlight this year is the largest natural blue sapphire ever howcased here in Singapore. This 99 carat beauty will be showcased by DeGem (Singapore) throughout the 4 days of exhibition.

Certified by the Gem Research Swisslab (GRS), this blue jewel is so astounding that it was issued a Platinum Rarity Award Issue certificate. Such an award is issued only to a handful of outstanding gemstones after comparing the gem in question to the records and data of the most high profile gems that have passed through the most recognised auction houses in the world.

This sapphire possesses the glorious intense cornflower blue hue, and is certified to have an extremely rare combination of size, brilliant reflection and colour. Sapphires from Ceylon have been known to fetch super premium prices because of their rarity and exquisite qualities.

Associated with royalty for centuries the ‘Ceylon Sapphires’ are universally renowned for their magnificent quality, size and range of colours, from the lightest to darkest of blue. These magnificent gemstones are considered a symbol of love, loyalty, power, royalty and wisdom.

Cornflower blue with a velvety lustre is the most desired colour and tone for a blue sapphire.

The Blue Sapphire has been a very special treasured gem stone among kings and queens, worn and carried in crowns, jewels, orbs and scepters. Queen Marie of Romania was presented a 479-carat Ceylon Sapphire by King Ferdinand, Catherine the II of Moscow had dozens of Ceylon Sapphires encrusted in the Imperial Crown of Russia. Queen Victoria received a Ceylon Blue Sapphire brooch from her ‘dearest Albert’ on the eve of her wedding. Ceylon Blue Sapphires are also featured prominently in the crown jewels of UK. Prince William presented his fiancĂ©e Kate with a Sri Lankan Blue Sapphire and diamond engagement ring, also worn by his mother Princess Diana. Sri Lanka also gifted Catherine Middleton (Kate), the Duchess of Cambridge with a Ceylon Sapphire hair pin studded with diamonds as a wedding gift.

The appeal of rare, natural, colored gemstones - blue diamonds continue to bring top prices at auction, a natural blue diamond being so rare and so dazzling. A ring set with a 6.01-carat cushion-cut blue diamond, flanked by pink diamonds, went for $10 million at Sotheby’s Hong Kong in October 2011 and an 8.01-carat vivid blue emerald-cut diamond ring is currently on the market in Hong Kong for $14 million. Hence our focus on investment pieces this year. Learn about investments in gemstones from Mr Anthony Chen, Hong Kong banker and internationally renowned jeweller, Mr Sam Chehaiber of Yuli Fine Jewellery.

The interest in rare colored gemstones in Asia is an excellent example of how Chinese buyers are looking to invest in colored gemstones. While this may be about investing, they are also buying the pieces that appeal to them the most and for their intrinsic beauty.

Because rare, natural and untreated colored gemstones are scarce, they can be more precious than white diamonds. Good quality natural gemstones are beautiful and they are solid investment pieces. Some of these gemstones are very hard to find in nature. Once mined, their scarcity increases as do their value. There is a shortage of supply of the rarest and best quality gems in the market. Gems like rubies, sapphires and emeralds are taking centrestage again, while newer gems like spinels, tsavorites, tanzanites and other variety of tourmalines are fast gaining popularity.

The 4-day event will showcase more than US$120 million in jewellery including several solitaire rare, natural, coloured gemstones that exceed S$1 million in price per piece. Spanning 7,700 sq metres, SIJS 2012 is the largest show to date.

· Among them will be an exceptional pair of D-coloured oval-cut diamonds presented by DeGem, Singapore. The pair of pure, D-coloured beauties weighs a total of 20 carats, embodying grace, beauty and timeless elegance of one of the most desired diamond cuts in the world. Both diamonds are amazingly identical, each weighing precisely 10.01 carats and having matching length/wide ratios. Diamonds of this quality and size are rarely seen in the market today because their soaring prices mean they have become prized possessions of many private collectors and connoisseurs. Such pairs make their way from one collector to another mostly through auction houses, where diamonds over 10 carats such as these have been smashing record prices year after year. This amazing pair of oval-cut diamonds carry a price tag of US$4 million.

· The show will also witness the Singapore launch of Gassan 121, the world’s first diamond to have 121 facets by its inventor Steven Henry Bierman, Director Gassan Diamonds Antwerp.

Sixteen additional facets on the top and forty eight extra facets at the bottom of the stone in comparison to the traditional round brilliant cut. According to a report of the WTOCD (a department of the High Council of Diamonds in Antwerp), the placement of the additional facets emphasize the contrast between the light and dark parts of the diamond.

Gassan Diamonds factory in Amsterdam receives some 350.000 tourist annually.

The Gassan 121 diamond Ms Debora Leeser, creator of Choices by DL from Amsterdam

· Also present in Singapore for the first time is Ms Debora Leeser, creator of Choices by DL from Amsterdam. Choices by DL makes it possible for every fashion forward woman to match their jewellery to each outfit. By means of a simple system it is possible to interchange the colour of the gold frame and the stones for a well-coordinated look. A revolutionary manner in the Haute Joaillerie to infinitely vary a jewel. Debora Leeser has succeeded in combining several recent trends into one jewellery collection. Choices by DL was first launched at the Millionaire Fair at the booth of Gassan Diamonds and Amsterdam Diamond Center.

SIJS 2012 will also present the works of Thomas Diego Armonia, an Italian artist based in Paris who has grown in prominence in recent years for his distinctive style which lies in his penchant for painting only women and their adorable ample faces, every one chic and bejeweled.

Against a backdrop of the beautiful Singapore skyline dramatically set against the water and the sky, the 2012 show celebrates the theme, ‘Glittery Inspirations’ inspired by the cultures and heritage of the participating countries. The show focuses on the latest trends on jewellery crafted in the beauty of gold, white, yellow, rose, purple and black, and encrusted in the widest range of precious stones of all hues. The vibrancy and glittery of the show pieces will be complemented by an exciting line-up of event highlights including jewellery fashion shows. This glittering gargantuan spectacle expects a 15,000-strong throng of visitors.

Jewellery and gem enthusiasts will be treated to a series of talks by industry experts on gemstones, jewellery, fashion and trends. Industry experts include Ms Tanja M. Sadow, Dean, Jewellery Design & Management International School (JDMIS), Mr Tay Thye Sun, Far East Gemological Institute and Dr Pornsawat Wathanakul, Academic Advisor GIT, Thailand.

The show will be opened by Guest of Honour, Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry & Ministry of National Development. Our VIP guest is Hon. Anura Priyadarshana Yapa, Minister of Environment, Sri Lanka.

The show is organised by Conference and Exhibitions Management Services (CEMS) and co-organised by Singapore International Jewellery (SIJ). It is co-hosted by the Singapore Jewellers Association and the Diamond Exchange of Singapore. The event is supported by IE Singapore, Spring Singapore, Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau and Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Standard Chartered Bank is the official bank for SIJS 2012.



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