Big Bang Concert 2012 Tickets Giveaway!!!! (24 pairs)

Hey guys, do you know F&N Sparkling Drinks is the Official Drink sponsor for Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 concert in Singapore. As a thank you to consumers of F&N Sparkling Drinks, F&N will be giving away tickets to lucky fans through 2 contests!!!

I just bought a bottle of F&N Outrageous Orange 1.5L to take part in contest 1!!!

 See this is the photo of my receipt (above) which I gonna send in to win the pair of tickets!!!
There are 20 pairs up for grabs!!!
You can take part too!!! Hurry contest ending 20 Sept 2012!!!

(Contest 1) 
20 pairs of Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 concert in Singapore tickets will be given away to fans

Here’s how to participate:
a)    Email a picture of any receipt proving that you have purchased in Singapore between 20 August to 20 September 2012:
1 x bottle of F&N Outrageous Orange 1.5L OR F&N Cheeky Cherryade 1.5L OR F&N Groovy Grape 1.5L OR F&N Cool Ice Cream Soda 1.5L OR F&N Flashy Fruitade OR F&N Clearly Citrus 1.5L OR F&N Sarsi 1.5L OR MY Cola
2 x bottle of F&N Outrageous Orange Reduced Sugar 500ml OR F&N Groovy Grape Reduced Sugar 500ml OR F&N Clearly Citrus Reduced Sugar 500ml OR MY Cola Reduced Sugar 500ml.
  1 x 6s F&N Outrageous Orange OR F&N Clearly Citrus OR MY Cola
  1 x 12s F&N Clearly Citrus OR MY Cola

b) Include in that email your full name (as in NRIC), NRIC/Passport Number, Email Address and Contact Number

c) The email address to send in your entry is: .Do so by 10pm, 20th Sep 2012 because late entries will be rejected.

(Contest 2) 
F&N Big Bang Photo Contest

Mechanics are simple:
a) Show us your creativity through a photo of how you would make the most out of your favourite F&N Sparkling Drinks to show your love for Big Bang.

b) Upload your photo submission to the contest tab

Prize Details

4 photo winners as decided by the combination of 30% popular votes and 70% judges’ choice would win a pair of concert tickets each to Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 concert in Singapore each.

The above contests are open to all Singapore citizens, permanent residents and individuals living in Singapore.

The tickets will be for the 28 September, 2012 Concert

Contestants may submit more than one entry but each contestant can only win once.

Please note that the original receipt(s) must be produced when claiming the prize

Terms and conditions apply