Wang Lao Wu Chicken Rice

Hmm have you guys tried of heard of 王老五 Wang Lao Wu Chicken Rice?
Because they sell great chicken rice!
Personally I love their "Sao Rou" (Roasted Pork) and also their Steamed Chicken!!!
And also their fragrance rice!!!

Wang Lao Wu Story
There was a modest-looking house located along a muddy road next to our kampong. Outside this house hanged a wind-beaten signboard which could be easily read from afar and on it was five crooked sentences written in bold red: “Wang Lao Wu Chicken Rice”.  

I was only twelve then, I could never forget the scene of a jam packed crowd enjoying their meal at the stall while squeezing in between rows of wooden tables, displaying their satisfaction of a sumptuous meal as they picked their teeth in contentment.

In that non-fanfare kitchen, the chef owner quietly demonstrated his culinary
skills and prepared his savory chicken rice using an age-old recipe. His 
wrinkled face revealed both determination and kindness. 
Everyone here called him Uncle Wang. 

He was a bachelor and he mentioned that his family was back in Tangshan, 
China. As a matter of fact, Wang Lao Wu means “bachelor” in Chinese 

Here’s our secret:  Our current chief chef is not only one of the owners of 
Wang Lao Wu Chicken Rice, he is also the third generation successor of 
Uncle Wang. Having spent more than a decade mastering the recipe under the 
mentorship of Uncle Wang, the display of his ingenious culinary skills attest 
to his confidence in excelling his mentor and reveals his dedication in
presenting the essence of Chinese cuisine. 

The sweet aroma of chicken and the fragrance of rice will assail your nostrils 
and arrest your appetite, satiating every of your taste bud. 
This is Wang Lao Wu. This is our Hainanese Chicken Rice!

- #B1-22 Leisure Park Kallang 
- Jalan Batu Block 4A Food Centre 
- 海岸路51号 East CoastRoad 
- 牛车水Chinatown K88 Coffee House 
-125 East Coast Road 

Char Siew & Sau Rou
Roasted Pork tasted really nice!!! You should try it!!!

Steamed Chicken
Meat is smooth and moist!!! <3 p="p">
Roasted Chicken

Fragrance rice
The standard of the rice is so good that you will ask for more after one plate. =)

Black Chicken Soup

Water Cress Soup

Bitter Gourd Soup
Fried Toufu in Thai Sauce

Try it today!!!