Me & Shaun at Japan Dance Delight Vol.19 + Exclusive dance video of Da' Street Soulz

Really honoured to be selected by F&N as their bloggers with Shaun to go Tokyo to watch Japan Dance Delight Vol.19. Thanks F&N once again for bringing us to Japan to watch a great dance show!

Me and Shaun really enjoyed our Japan Trip! Beside the great dance show, both of us brought back Singapore lot of new clothes to wear. And not forgetting the great chill out session at night with great food and beer drinking. It was sure a rememorable experience for us.

That morning at the hotel getting ready for Japan Dance Delight Vol.19!
How was our outfit?

We took their train to Yokohama for Japan Dance Delight Vol.19.

Hungry hungry hungry... So we went in their Family Mart (24hrs convenience Store in Tokyo)

They sell lot of interesting food...



That's what I got for breakfast!!!

And a nice Green Tea Milk

Shaun got himself a chocolate coffee drink

Don't worry we already  look around and saw people actually drinking in the train before we drank..
And beside there were no sign that say no drinking... We are careful in not dirtying the train too...

Finally arrived at Yokohama!!!

That's the 2 ticket to enter Japan Dance Delight Vol.19!!!

Me and Shaun with our staff passes!!!
We have privilege to access to the backstage with this pass this year!!!
This year was special cause the bloggers get to go backstage!!!
Last year, I remember I can't even take photo of our dance crew as we cannot access to the backstage.

Lot of people queuing to get in.

This is where all the dancers/participants rest or wait for their turn to go up stage.

Reporters backstage interviewing the dancers.

See who I spotted?
Da' Street Soulz of cause!!!

They are the winner of Singapore Dance Delight Vol.3 and representing Singapore for this year Japan Dance Delight Vol.19.

The girls had a close hug before the competition...

A photo with Da' Street Soulz

Da' Street Soulz & Jeff

See there is so many people!!!

There were food selling outside too! I'm so hungry!!!

See what Shaun bought to share with me...

Tasted really great!!!

Turkish food here too!!!

Japan Dance Delight limited edition T-shirt, towel souvenirs were sold too!

That's sure a huge drumstick right?

Not filling enough... Me and Shaun shared another bowl of food.

That the big stage that every dancer would want to step on one day!

I'm sorry guys that I did not managed to capture any photo of the dance as we are told not to take photo during the competition.

But I managed to video down Da' Street Soulz dancing!!!

Although Da' Street Soulz did not win that night, I believe it is a good experience for them already.

Let hear what the girls have to say after the competition!!!

"We had fun in Japan. Had an awesome time watching other teams and sharing that same stage with them. 

Definitely we will be back to compete again, but not sure if it would be next year (laugh)
We definitely believe in ourselves, in our crew, in our strength and power as a crew. Though we didn't get any placing, but I believe this is just the beginning for us.

We wanna thank everyone for wishing us, thank a very big thank you to our supporters who were there during JDD and cheering for us. 
To our loved ones and family, thank you so much for the belief and supports."