10 Happy Teams of NE.mation!!!

Why I said they are happy?
Cause the 10 Teams of N.E.mation are well taken care during their production period.
They are provided with food vouchers for their daily meals.
And that's not all!!!

Lot of snacks for them to munch in between their work at the production site!!!

 and lot of drinks too!!!
So no one should complain they are hungry or thirsty I guess. =p
 Wow.... They even got a fridge for them to put their food and drinks!!!
Chilled drinks sure keep them fresh!!!
This was the 1st week of the wall...
NOW!!! The team had got some wishes on the wall already!
Looked like they are all really enjoying working at the production site!!!
That's the Royal Potato Team!!!
 and another team- J.W.S.G.

Do support the Royal Potato and J.W.S.G at the facebook app here:
I guess no matter who win at the end, this is a great learning ground for everyone!
Cause beside the skill that they picked up, they also get to know new friends.
Wishing them all the best!!!