N.E.mation! 7- Update on Royal Potato & J.W.S.G

It's the 2nd week of the production, both the team (Royal Potato & J.W.S.G) are working really hard and not let any minutes wasted. Because have just about 1 week left for their deadline.

Royal Potato

That's Dominic editing this work.

That's Sherafina!!! She using a special device to help her with the drawing.

May seem easy, but heard from Sherafina, it is not that easy.

That's Chun Guan with the jacket and hoodie up... Long hour in air-conditioned tentage, no wonder he need to put on his jacket like this...

This is how they usually work with the instructor beside them guiding them and help them if they need help in their work.

Guess the Royal Potato need some help and the instructor is actually giving them advice on how to improve their production work. Let us look forward for the end production video!!!

Below are some of the work done by Royal Potato so far:

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The girls at J.W.S.G are not letting their time wasted as well!!!

Very serious with their work!!!


Hmm really hope you all can give them some support!!!ere is

Here are some of the work done by J.W.S.G:

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