Sgt Ong, Can You Tell Me More About NS45 Benefits?

I believe this song is in every Singapore NS men!!!
"Training to be soldiers 
to fight for our land. 
Once in our lives. 
Two years of our time. 
Have you ever wondered? 
Why must we serve 
'Cause we love our land. 
We want it to be free, to be free!!!! "

From ah boy to MEN!!!
I really feel that NS had made us a stronger and independent person!!!
I'm blessed to be a  born in Singapore and served my NS. =)

NS45 SAFRA Benefits
To commemorate the 45th anniversary of National Service (NS), the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF)  and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) will provide about $100 million worth of SAFRA and HomeTeamNS benefits to more than 900,000 National Servicemen. This is a one-off recognition 
initiative to thank our National Servicemen for their dedicated service to the nation.

As a broad-based and inclusive initiative, all who have served NS or are serving NS will benefit from this. Every National Serviceman will receive $50 to $100 worth of SAFRA vouchers, which can be used to redeem lifestyle privileges.

In addition, National Servicemen who are currently serving Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS), or who have completed their ORNS training cycle in full, will also be offered a year's free SAFRA membership. We hope that more National Servicemen and their families will be able to enjoy the subsidised facilities and privileges offered by SAFRA.

National Servicemen will be eligible for these benefits based on their NS status as at 22 Oct 2012. The details are as follow:

* The tenure of the free membership will be from 1 Apr 2013 (or the date of application, whichever is later) to 31 Mar 2014.

National Servicemen will receive a letter of notification by post informing them of their eligibility for these benefits between January 2013 and April 2013. They will be requested to confirm their address before we send them the vouchers. National Servicemen who are offered a year’s free 
SAFRA/HomeTeamNS membership will be sent their membership card, if they accept the offer.

This one-off initiative will add to the various measures that MINDEF and 
MHA have put in place over the years to appreciate our National 
Servicemen for their vital contributions to defence.

Register now at

With the SAFRA vouchers, I can use it on 
dining and bowling with my friends/ family!!!

or I can also use it at K-Box with my friends for karaoke singing.

Check out the other redemption outlets:
For more info on the redemption outlets:

That's not all!!!
You also get a FREE 1-year SAFRA membership!!!
Safra clubs are located at JurongMount FaberTampinesToa Payoh and Yishun. In addition to clubs, they offer a host of activities , value-added services and membership perks that meet the lifestyle needs of the community of more than 220,000 SAFRA members.

As a SAFRA member, you can enjoy World class fitness equipment gym facility at an affordable price at their gym. That's my good friend- Shaun gyming at SAFRA Mount Faber.

Check out the other facilities and activities available for you!

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For those movie lovers, you get to purchase weekend movie tickets at low prices from Golden Village! So which mean you and your buddies can save up more on your movie outings!

And here is just one of the dinning privileges as a SAFRA member!

10% off Regular Bill at Fish & Co. and F.I.S.H @ 313 Somerset

At Fish & Co., all seafood is prepared in a simple and straightforward manner. It uses only the freshest seafood and ingredients. We provide high quality meals in generous portions. goods vehicles and heavy goods vehicles.
Valid till 30 Nov 14

Check out the other Deals & Promotions you can enjoy as a SAFRA member:

Look out for your NS45 eligibility letters in the mail from now till Apr 13. You’ll get to enjoy shopping, F&B, IT/gadgets and travel benefits at 5,000 outlets islandwide! 

Register now at
(Registration for NS45 vouchers ends 28 Feb 14; vouchers are valid until 31 Mar 14)

For more info: 



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