Let's Go to Kelantan by Firefly (Day 2 & 3)

 It's Day 2 at Kelantan and we started with breakfast at Renaissance Kota Bharu Hotel 

 Cakes and pastries.

 Fresh fruits

 Omelette with choice of ingredients to put.

 That's breakfast for me and HongPeng!!! We had a window seatings!

" HELLO! Are you missing me?"
Camwhoring with the phone booth that had been missing in Singapore nowadays...

Istana Jahar (Jahar Palace) is built by Sultan Muhamad 11 in 1887 for his grandson Long Kundur. It has luxurious woodcarvings that showcase the excellent craftsmanship of the Kelantanese. Apart from that, photographs, artifacts and traditional handicraft reflect on the Kelantan rich and sophisticated heritage. The palace is now converted to a museum, to share the uniqueness and beauty to the world. There are also a Malay Weapon Gallery which house many unique weapons such as keris and pisau. The museum is open daily from 8.30 a.m to 5.45 p.m except for Fridays.

For more handicraft display, you can also visit the Handicraft Village and Craft Museum which is also located within the culture zone. It has a variety of handicraft, silverwares, songkek and other traditional handicrafts. Demonstration of the making of songkek and batik painting is also available. However, to truly understand the culture and roots of Kelantanese, Museum Islamic (Muzium Islam/Dewan Syurga) is a must visit museum. From there you will be able to see many artifacts and understand how Islam came to Kelantan, and till today, have such strong influence in their daily life

This is Siti Khadijah market and over here you can buy just about anything from fresh produce, kain batik, batik wear, scarves, prayer mats, local delicacies and more 

Do  you know  Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah is the most photographed market in the country?
This place is a visual delight and a favourite photography subject in Kota Bharu. Located in the heart of Kota Bharu, it used to be known as Pasar Buluh Kubu.

What can you find at the Market?
It is particularly unique because most traders at the market are women.
This is a 'must visit' destination in this town and the three-storey building houses hundreds of stalls that sell all kinds of fresh produce, traditional local delights, spices, sweets, batik, silver and bronze items as well as many other types of household products.

Be there early. As most activities take place early in the morning..
The market, named after the wife of Prophet Muhammad, is open from 8am to 6pm with Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays being the busiest days.

  Get your fresh vegetables here too!

  traditional local delights

 Beef and chicken floss

 There's a floor selling all the batik cloth.

  We also went to a Silvercraft shop.

 Can you see the hardwork behind all this beautiful silvercraft?

 Samuel and HongPeng picking their favourite rings.

 Which rings caught your attention.

 The most costly item in the shop.

 If you ever go to Kelantan, don't miss out this ayam percik panas.

 Try it!!! 

 Nice beach? Wanna experience staying here?

Now you can!!! Imagine every morning opening your door to the blue sky and beautiful beaches.
The unparalleled beauty of nature and the luxury of creature comforts are brought together perfectly at Villa Danialla Beach Resort.

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 Do jump shot as many time as you like!

 I love the interior design of the villa!

You and your next half can Pamper yourself with a massage as you listen to the sound of waves crashing against the shore or indulge in a sumptuous meal as you watch the sun slowly sink into the calm ocean right in front of you.

Every corner is a surprise!

Even the bathroom is so beautiful!

 Everything is so perfect in the villa!!!

 Wanna do an outdoor picnic? You can do it at the beach too!

 Come and escape with Villa Danialla today!!!
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Visited the Akademi Nik Rashiddin in Pantai Kandis, Bachok, Kelantan which is the home for various kris and traditional woodcarvings, collected by Nik Rasyiddin over the years, as well as his own woodworks.
Behind Kak Wati is one of the collections: An old wooden Mimbar (mosque pulpit) that Nik Rashiddin bought from a mosque years ago. 
Watch a presentation by by Puan Rosnawati Othman who was the wife of the late Allahyarham Nik Rashiddin. Allahyarham Nik Rashiddin is a great master carver himself. (Together they produced a book : The Spirit of Wood, co-authored by Farish Noor and Eddin Khoo).
Nik Rashiddin passed away in 2002. Kak Wati now carries her husband's legacies, and shares their wealth of knowledge of traditional woodcarving and the Malay heritage. 
There is a gallery and a museum (an old malay house bought from Kampung Ladang in Terengganu) within the compound, surrounded by coconut trees and cool sea breeze. Nik Rashiddin produced his best works here.

This is a magnificent carved head and tail of the 'Burung Gagak Sura', a vehicle thought to have been used to transport royalty in the 19th century in Pattani and Kelantan. 

Spotted horses outside the  Akademi Nik Rashiddin.

 Took this shot for Hongpeng, pretending opening his house's door.

How can I not take some photo right?

Next stop we head to Tok Aman Bali Beach Resort!

Tok Aman Bali Beach Resort is a 4 Star new born 'hidden gems' situated at northeastern state which is known as the "Land of Lightning". The place is a wonderful treasure filled with delights which is yet to be explore and discover!

Read more:


 The resort is designed in a shape of a ship if you noticed.

That's me & Hong Peng's room


Balcony with great view

/Watch sunset at your balcony...

 Play Pedal Boat
or  Kayaking

 Pedal Boat with Hongpeng...

 Picking up shellfish.

 Great sunset view and greenery...

I just love getting close to nature!

 Steamboat dinner at Tok Aman Bali

 Morning view of the resort.

 Breakfast before we head to airport for departure back to Singapore./

Special thanks to Tourism Malaysia for the trip!

and of cause Firefly for making this trip possible for us!
Fly with Firefly Airline today and explore Malaysia!!!

There are really so much more places to explore in Kelantan!
If there are only more time, I can get to  know more of their rural lifestyle, Kelantanese culture.
and try out more Kelantinese cuisine.

Kelantan people are friendly and I feel safe travelling there.
Wait for me Kelantan I will be back and cover more interesting places to share with my readers.



  1. You should come to hometown, Penang! HAHA...there are many places and things to see in Malaysia