My LG Optimus G- I'm in love with the Quadbeat Earphone!!!

Hi everyone!!!
Recently I just got a new smartphone from LG!!!

Yes! It is the LG Optimus G smartphone!
I really in love with it now!!! =)

Today I wanna share one of the thing I like of my LG Optimus G!!! =)
Yes! The LG Optimus G comes with a QuadBeat earphone which I find the sound quality more clear and original!!!

Sound Quality
Previously I am using my iphone 4S and it comes with the slide-on ear-bud type and find the sound quality to be un-intruding. But now  I switched to LG Optimus G with their QuadBeat, the soft plug-in in-ear type which comes with three slightly different size rubbers to fit into your ears, one smaller and one larger than the one fitted-in, the Hi-Fi technology presents sounds that is clear and close to the original. 

 Dynamic Design
It is the first application of DOUBLE RUBBER shape of EAR-MIC BUNDLE and high quality of design by using aluminum material. Definitely one of the best earphone that had bundled with cellphones sold in the market so far. And had personally love the flat cable which prevent it from tangling.

The best sound quality, noise removing feature

I'm sure it is everyone's desire to have the best sound quality!
Check out the  LG Optimus G smartphone which bundled with this cool Quadbeat today!!!



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  4. Interesting I was obtaining this product, and I think her voice is very clear and obvious.

  5. Mine don't have any bass at all. How come people are so happy about them?

  6. my lg g pro quadbeat earphone sound quality is average compare to my sony earphone xba-2.lg is doing better now..only the bad point firmware update suck like the way..i love my g pro.perfect