Singapore Bloggers doing Gwiyomi/ Kiyomi Video!!! (Learn how you can make one too!!!)

Wanna learn how to make your own Gwiyomi/ Kiyomi video?
Follow the below step by step guide found online!!!
After seeing so many of my friends doing the Gwiyomi/ Kiyomi videos, the song just got stuck in my mind so much. And I finally decided to give it a try! It is not easy to do with just one take unless you are so PRO and if you do with one take, I salute to you seriously!!! =)
What is Gwiyomi ?
“Gwiyomi” translated into English means someone who is cute hence the new dance craze literally means “cute player”. Many have uploaded videos of themselves doing a 50-second dance routine on the YouTube social network.
Even blogger, Yutakis ( did a Gwiyomi video
Blogger Kaviel Teo (
Blogger Tyler (
It is really CHALLENGING!!! Go try it and see if you can do all the steps with one take!!! So Fun!!!
So here is my Gwiyomi/ Kiyomi video after trying the 3rd time!!!
I know it may be stupid but worth taking up the challenge! So I am challenging everyone to give it a try!!! It is Gwiyomi/ Kiyomi fever now!!!
Sorry for the low quality video using iPhone 4's  front camera!!!

 I know you are laughing...
But go try it, I'm sure you can do better!!!
Check out EXO-K's maknae Sehun 1+1 aegyo/Gwiyomi video
Have a nice day!!!! =)