Gwiyomi/ Kiyomi videos by guys spreading so VIRALLY on YOUTUBE!!!

Have you all noticed that more and more guys are doing the Gwiyomi/ Kiyomi video!!! Just like the "PSY - Gangnam Style" video, this video is spreading so VIRALLY on Youtube!!! got ugly, handsome, cute and all sort of Gwiyomi video online now!!!

Gwiyomi Song or Kwiyomi Song (귀요미송) is the lead single from 귀요미송 (Re Title), a digital single by a South Korean indie singer Hari which describes the love of a girl and a boy.
[Eng Sub] 귀요미송 Kiyomi Song (Cutie Song) by 하리 Hari (Full Song)

What do you think of guys doing it? 
Cute? =) So far which is your Cutest Gwiyomi/ Kiyomi you seen?

 Gwiyomi by nicky smart

Gwiyomi Kiyomi Aegyo Song 최고 귀요미

Gwiyomi / Kwiyomi / 可愛頌 (하리) - 귀요미송 =蔡洧畯/tsai kil= "taiwan" :"D  

귀요미 플레이어 (Gwiyomi/Kiyomi Player) Aegyo Boy Challenge 하리 귀요미

 เธโอกัน Gwiyomi  

귀요미송-Gwiyomi ( soulvee )

Gwiyomi/ Kwiyomi 귀요미 Cutie Song Vietnamese German Version

TAIWAN 海參哥哥 Gwiyomi

Famous blogger Yutakis also did one!!! Gwiyomi / kiyomi dance │韓國小可愛舞 酷炫版 (wackyboys舞倒教室)

Even our Kiehl's Boy- Cavell also did one!!! Check it out!!!!

This is the "CUTEST" I SEEN!!!