Interview with Singer-Songwriter, HagenTroy

Hi everyone, today with the theme “Dream & Aspiration”, I'm honoured to interview HagenTroy (Singer-songwriter), your Hunk next door; he is not only talented in music, have a hot body that every guys will dream of having and best of all, he have a heart of gold. Scroll down and you will find out more about him to see how he overcome challenges in his life and pursue in his dream.

As a local singer-songwriter, Troy want to inspire others, especially the youth through his music, to have the positive mindset in life and be the best person one can be.

During his free time, Troy will be in schools, inspiring students to do better through his “We Love, We Hope, In Unity” project, which he started in 2010. The project hopes to encourage students to gain confidence in pursuing their passion.

HagenTroy not only wrote more than 4000 songs and is one of the top composing artistes with Sony Music (Asia) today.  He had also successful broke into the mainstream pop market with the release of his album “Answer”. The single “I Believe In You” became a household name when it was used as one of the theme songs in television drama “Bountiful Blessings.” But it was the song “Out Of My League” that made Health Promotion Board (HPB) took notice of Troy’s music and made him one of HPB’s ambassadors. The song relates about smoking and several bad habits that men are into, and how one can cope better without.

HagenTroy was also appointed as the ambassador of the Singapore Cancer Society this year, specially dedicated his latest single “Restore”, a club remix of his 2012 release “Out of Order”, to the less fortunate.This song encompasses the theme of hope and it also reveals another side of Hagen's creative style.

當世界壞了, 你壞了, 我也壞了的時候, 只要有愛的存在, 甚麼都可以從新再來。 
2013年, 陳俊達‘不壞了’DANCE REMIX 版本帶你一起做更好的自己一首由 “坏了”

Last year, HagenTroy self-directed a short film titled A London Love Story as a prelude to the music video of “Out of Order”. The film, which was shot in London and Singapore, featured Australian actor Keagan Kang and local actress Rebecca Spykerman, and was showcased at Screen Singapore 2012.

Beside that, he had also collaborated with some of the Mandopop’s biggest names, including Harlem Yu and Jolin Tsai.

In the recent news, Troy was reported suffering a cut in his throat after gobbling down biscuits while working on the music video for “Restore”. Despite his injuries, Hagen Troy attended a charity event as the ambassador on the next day with more than 20,000 people's participating at the marathon, showing his passion and support for the cause. For that, we should really give salute to our local talented, HagenTroy.

Q. During these years, what are the challenges you faced and how did you overcome it?
HagenTroy: I've been asked this question so many times and this is probably going to be one of those times I'm gonna be real honest. Being a Singaporean, but lived in the UK for many years, travelled to other parts of the world too, I realise that there are alot more to learn and see. One thing doesn't change though. There's music everywhere. Music is an international language. It's like air. The problem comes in with us humans. Because expectations are higher, trends changes faster, people get bored quicker, it is not easy to be doing just that one thing you always believed in and do it without external stress. Making music has never been in my planning of my life, I wanted to be a doctor or lawyer you see. But things just happened. From listening, to composing, to singing. It's easier for me to write for other artistes than myself. Because now, the difference being a musician and a product on shelf is many things need to be taken into consideration not just great music. EG, Though you may not had any intention of living under anyone's shadow, it might happen because they came out first. So constant upgrade and research needs to be done. I try to overcome by keeping a distance. I listen to my research only once and not dwell in them.

Q. Is there anyone that inspires you in your life?
HagenTroy: In my family, it's definitely my mum. She is a superwoman to me. I am also mesmerized by the fact she tries her best to be fair, supportive and live in righteousness. Now, I'm not saying she is perfect, what I am trying to say is, many people would do alot of unkind stuff to get to where they want to be/where they are. My family culture has never been that. It's hard, but oh well, I have too much guilt to do it real bad.

Micheal Jackson and Whitney. Why? They are talented, legendary and they are professional. In music, the expression is not only about a good voice or the techniques. It is how they could make you believe in what they are expressing and that to me is music.. Most importantly, they sang out their true life story. Music is never about marketing. It is about the soul and life. It is about the heart.

Q.  What is the craziest thing you ever did in your life?
HagenTroy: Haha, to be doing whatever I am doing now! As traditional my family can be, I think I am quite 'over' the top. It's like a misfit you know. But my family, (which includes all my aunts n uncles, grand dad n grand mas) are totally supportive. I guess they could see that even as a kid, I cannot live my life any other way but to be in showbiz. My creativity has turned into their entertainment and they are very excited everytime cos I never fail to do new things.

Q.  What have you been busy with lately?
HagenTroy: Lately is all about the Cancer Awareness I am doing specially for the Singapore Cancer Society. As cancer is affecting and infecting many people, and worse, the busyness of everyone is making life so stressful, I am not superman I know. But I gladly accept the offer, through my music, without taking a single cent, but to dedicate my song to encourage both the patients and people in general that no matter whatever circumstances you are in, love and hope can heal.

Q. During your free time, what do you like to do?
HagenTroy: I enjoy listening to Jazz, museums, and I like to talk to old folks. Yes, I do. lol.

Q.  What kind of dance do you like?
HagenTroy: FREESTYLE! This way, I dont need to be stressed up with trying to be someone else, or have a hard time memorising the moves. Freestyle means, 'kinda anyhow'. 

Q.  Do you ever perform dancing on stage before?
HagenTroy: Yes. But I had to sing, so it was minimal. Hopefully you can see more of that in my new music video when its out. SOON!

Q.  Understand that you had been composing songs and singing, is there anything that you always wish to try but haven't?
HagenTroy: Work with an orchestra and a brass band.  Don't judge me. I maybe trendy on stage, I am actually very down to earth, sometimes too much. I like old things, back to basics and I love the sound of 'largeness' from them.

Q. Any tips on how you keep fit?
HagenTroy: Hmm. Self discipline. 

Q. What do you want to say to those youth who are also pursuing on their dream?
 HagenTroy: Good things will come your way definitely! But great things need loads of hard work and persistence. Responsibility and values of life are more important than the 'dream' you have. Enjoy and embrace the journey towards it. Because there is no point reaching your target/goal and still not happy because after that, it's going to be another new cycle.

Q. Can you share with us some of your updates?
HagenTroy: I released my latest singles and I just want to focus on that. It's called chapter zero 'out of order' because it was a turning point in my life. And now, it has evolved to the Club Singles called 'Restore'. To let go and leave the past behind. To be restored and this singles is a welcome to my new album which is coming end of this year.

With that I like to thanks Hagen for taking the time for this interview.
I extremely touched by his new song "Out of Order' and love the short film and the melody of the song. I like to also take this opportunity to wish him all the best for his music career and looking forward for his new album releasing end of this year.

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