What I needed in my room- 3M Polarizing Light LED6000!

Are you squinting your eyes when reading your book?
Or does your eyes feel dry from the harsh light at your home?
If that is so, you need to change a table lamp?

Check out what just arrived in my room!
It's 3M Polarizing Light LED6000!
It is exactly what I lacked of in my room all this while. =)

What is special of the 3M Polarizing Light LED6000?
This special lamp is not any normal lamp you see outside. 3M uses the  latest 3M Air GuidingTM Technology, to reduce harmful glare and and make reading more comfortable to your eyes.

This lamp uses edge-lit LEDs instead of the normal direct-lit LEDs. This can better remove multi-shadows caused by the light source on the surface of our books or working area when we read or do work.
Now with this new lamp, I can enjoyed comfortable and soothing surface light source with reduced glare with the“Bad” light reflecting away by the optical films.

Flexible Adjustment
You can frly adjust your lamp head left to right, or top to down, to better illuminate your work.

Ventilation holes enhance heat dissipation efficiency
With this unique design, cool air can flow into the base housing, take away heat generated from the light source and ventilate out from the top housing. As a result, the 3M heat dissipation system is able to maintain LED performance at 70% light output even after 50,000 hours of usage. IMPRESSIVE RIGHT!!! =)

Benefits and features of the LED6000 include:

 Anti-Glare:Protect against eye strain, and allows you to read comfortably anytime.

Anti-Electromagnetic Interference: the lamp minimises electromagnetic interference, preventing disruptions to other devices from occurring when in operation.

Eliminate the multi-shadow effect: eliminated without compromising on brightness and anti-glare properties.

Enjoy cost savings:
 The low power consumption of 3.6 watts to 12 watts  as compared to regular lamps that use 23-27W, offers higher energy savings and cost savings. 
The LED light can also last for up to 50,000 hours long, reducing the need for replacements, and providing you with increased savings overall.

There is a Touch Dimmer to control five brightness levels to suit all your reading needs, whilst saving energy and costs as well.
This LED light bulb takes away the mercury, removes ultraviolet rays and is made less breakable thus safer for use at home and especially when you have kids at home.

What amazed me was the LED backlight does not heat up as well (tested after 1 hour using). The light provides a constant and steady source of light that does not flash or flicker

Here is the difference with and without
 the 3M Polarizing Light 

Without 3M Polarizing Light 
You can tell I really squinting my eyes when typing... >.<

 With 3M Polarizing Light
Now with 3M Polarizing Light, I don't have to squint anymore! =)
 It wasn’t too glaring or dim. I can control it brighter if needed too.
This is only brighness power 2 only, just what I need when working late hours.

The LED6000 is now available in two colours –Sleek White and Luminescent Green – to brighten up any work desk, [ Additionally, other than White & Lime Green, 3M will be releasing a new PINK version LED 6000, it will be available in market from 22 July 2013 onwards.] 
It retails at $269 (w/GST) and is available at Best Denki, Homefix DIY, Popular Bookstores, UrbanWrite, Prologue and other leading retailers.  

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