My 5D4N Boracay Island Escapade- Day 1

Hi everyone!
Sorry to keep you guys waiting here!
Yes, like I promised I brought back many photos & videos of Boracay for you all!
Thanks to, Tourism Philippines and Tigerair for inviting me for this wonderful trip!!!

 So today I gonna share with you my Day 1 of Boracay (18 Jul 2013)!

That's me on my way to the Airport (18 July 2013)!
All ready for my 5D4N Boracay Island Escapade (18-22 July 2013)!

Well here are some things you might want to 
consider bringing for your Boracay trip!

1) Sunblock (You don't want to become a red lobster right, hahaha...)
2) Swimwear (For your water sport activities)
3) Swimming googles
4) Umbrella (Expect occasional showers throughout the day since it’s close to the sea)
5) Water proof Camera (Capture moments in the water while you do Helmet diving, snorkering, scuba diving, etc)
6) Camera Stand (Take beautiful Sunrise & Sunset photo.)
7) Travel adapter (For charging your handphone & camera)
8) Sun glasses
9) Hat 

With the awesome group of travelmates!!!
Hazel, Hanjoo, Christina, Karen, Catherine, Melissa, Clara, Atsuko, Jerome, Valyn & Smith

What are the ways to get to the Boracay island from Singapore?
1. Via Cebu: SIN-Cebu (3h45min), Transit (2-3h), Cebu-Caticlan (1hr), Caticlan-Caticlan Port (15min) Caticlan Port-Boracay (15min) Boracay-Resort (15min) = about 8.5 hrs

2. Via MNL: SIN-MNL (3h40min), Transit (2-3h) MNL-Kalibo (1hr), Kalibo- Caticlan Port (2hr), Caticlan Port-Boracay (15min) Boracay-Resort
(15min) = 10.5 hours
Thanks to TigerAir!!!
We are now able to get to the beautiful Boracay Island in about 6 hours!!!

3. TR Direct Flight - SINKLO (3h40min), Kalibo-Caticlan Port (2hr), Port-Boracay (15min), Boracay-Resort (15min) = 6 hrs 10 min

Many hotel and resorts provide airport boat services - pick up from Kalibo airport and transfer all the way through to your hotel (boat ride and coach ride inclusive). Request from Hotel upon reservation - two way xfer shd cost you about SGD60 or PHP1,700-2,000.

My lucky day!!!
Saw a rainbow during my flight to Kalibo Airport!!!

 Finally reached Kalibo Airport!!!

 Welcome reception

 Welcome Mardi Gras style dance at Kalibo Airport inaugural Tigerair Phlippines  SIN-KLO FLIGHT.

 The street outside the airport.

After flight, van and ferry...
Our 1st step onto Boracay Island!!!

 We stayed in Boracay Recency Beach Resort & Spa!!!

Address:  Balabag, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Boracay Recency Beach Resort is located at Station 2, in the middle of Boracay's long stretch of white sand beach. Station 2 is where the heart of the action in Boracay Island.

You may indulge in shopping pleasures at D’Mall or the local stalls along the beach front. The fun in Boracay doesn't end when the sun sets. Boracay night-life pulsates with many bars and restaurants serving food, drink, accompanied by stroller bands and live fire dancers. You be expected to have lot of fun until dawn.

Well for those who like a quieter place, go for Station 3, the southernmost section!!!

 So this was the room I slept during my trip!
It had a balcony too!

The bathroom with hairdryer

 Sea Breeze CafĂ©: Open-air dining with extensive interactive buffet offering international cuisine, live music and dancing chefs.

Here a video I took at the Sea Breeze Cafe!!!
Dancing Chefs was a HIGHLIGHT!!!


Stay tuned for more exciting posts of my 5D4N Boracay Island Escapade coming up!!!

Turquoise crystal clear waters and white sand beaches await you
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