My 5D4N Boracay Island Escapade- Day 3

Hi everyone!
Today I will be sharing on my 3rd day in Boracay!

So what did I do?
- Sunrise watching
- Cliff jumping
- Lunch at 7 Stones 7th Note Cafe
- Paraw Sail Cruise
- Dinner at Don Vito Ristorante Italiano

 That morning, me, Karen, Clara & Jerome woke up early in the morning hoping to catch the sunrise!

Too bad it was too cloudy that morning.

But I still manage to capture something like this...
The sun rays...

 Group photo with my fellow friends...

 With Karen & Clara

 My Filipino breakfast at Christina's in Boracay Regency!

Going to start our water activities!!!

 I am ready for the jump!

That's me jumping into the sea!!!
(Credit photo to Jerome)
Charles feeding Karen some local snacks.



 Lunch at 7 stones 7th Note Cafe

Everyone so busy uploading photo & checking instagram on their mobile etc...
I guess we cannot really live without it...

 Creamy soup!

 Beef steak and prawns! Tender and juicy meat!

Premium vanilla icecream!

 Group photo time! We love Boracay!!!

 Back to our hotel- Boracay Recency for a swim.

 Camwhoring with my Casio Exilim TR15 camera!

 We don't wanna leave here!!!

 After the short break, we are going for a Paraw Sail Cruise!!!

Choose the sunset timing to go will be ideal!!!
Then you can watch sunset while you sail out!

The paraws have a special net bed where you can sit and lie down to enjoy the sunset.
A popular way to end the day and enjoy the setting sun in Boracay.

 If you want to pamper yourself a bit in Boracay!
Try the massage at Mandala Spa & Villa!

You really get a VIP kind of treatment there!

That's me, Karen & Christina.

 Thanks Hazel for recommending and arranging this for us!

 It was raining that evening and we got the friendly staff to shelter us with umbrella!
This place is definitely a great place to revisit again!
An ideal place for couple too!

 Dinner at Don Vito Ristorante Italiano

 Grilled fish with chicken and veggies.

 Rain but we still had fun in Boracay!

 I think only in Boracay you will see this!
Juanito with that huge" icecream stall umbrella"!!!

 Lot of bars & pubs along the beach to chill out and party!

 Along the beach, you will also spot a lot of such stall selling BBQ foods.

 I got myself a sausage which tasted really nice!

 Jonah's fruitshake- one of the must visit place if you are in Boracay! They are situated in Station 1.
They serves really cool drinks which are not too sweet.
Beside drinks, they also serves light meals of the pizza and taco variety. This is a really nice place and I hope they are here to stay.

Menu of the fruitshake

 Karen enjoying her fruitshake

 I had the mango one!

Clara and her cool fruitshake.

Everyone lets toss for our 3rd day in Boracay!

Stay tuned to my blog for more exciting posts coming up!!! 
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