My 5D4N Boracay Island Escapade- Day 4

Hi guys,
Sorry to keep you waiting.
There are just too many things to share about Boracay Island!!!
I would say too much fun, too little time.
Hoping to have more time in Boracay always!

So let me go on for my 4th day in Boracay!
It is really an exciting day I would say!
Check out what activities were installed on that day!!!
- Segway
-  Horseback riding
- Zipline

Breakfast in Boracay Recency Beach Resort.

That's Karen playing the Segway at Fairways and Bluewater (Boracay)

Me riding on the horse at Fairways and Bluewater (Boracay)

Melissa taking photo with the brown horse.

Gorgeous looking Clara riding on the horse.

Atsuko seem to really enjoying her horse riding!

 Me acting cool for a photo!

Horse kissing have you try before?

It is also known as flying fox.
I was hesitating at 1st but it is really not too scary as you think...
All you have to do it, tell yourself you can do it and sure you can!
It is really fun and I encourage you all to give it a try!

Christina waiting for her turn, looking so calm and ready.
Somehow she is always ready for photo...

Valyn and Catherine waiting for their turn.

Catherine and Hazel 

Off she went!

Time to ride on the ATV!

Instructor giving us safety advice.




Han Joo

And of cause that's me! =)

This is how the ATV look like from my view.

This was the ATV that I was riding!
We rode the ATV and reached Mt. Luho!

Me and Clara

There is a mini zoo up the mountain!
These are some eagles that were caged there.

You can find Peacocks there too...

White chickens that are rarely seen.

Atsuko spotted a goat!

A big monitor Lizard

You can catch great sunset view from Mt. Luho.

Next activities is the ZORB!!!
So what is a ZORB???
ZORB is like a human-sized hamster ball.
Zorbing is the recreation or sport of rolling downhill inside an orb, generally made of transparent plastic. 
Zorbing is generally performed on a gentle slope.

Me & Valyn posing with the slope that we will be zorbing!

Here is a video of me ZORBING!!!

Last night at Boracay, so went to buy some souvenirs for friends.
There is this small little stall in front of Boracay Garden Resort, that sell customized keychain which you can ask them to write names.

Christina getting some postcards for her friends.

Check out what I bought from Boracay!
Some snacks, pens and keychains for my friends and family.

5th Day (LAST DAY)!!!
We are going back Singapore!!!
Christina wore 2 hats tha morning cause she don't want to squeeze her hats in her luggage.

But soon she found her 'Sister' who stole her hat from her.

I must be really lucky!!! =)
I spotted another rainbow during my flight back to Singapore from Kalibo Airport!!!
The 1st one was from during my flight from Singapore to Kalibo Airport.

Some useful information

Zorb: PHP 400 per person

ATV: PHP 800 per person

Zipline: PHP 700 per person (at Fairways and Bluewater Resort)
Horseback riding: PHP 700 per person (at Fairways and Bluewater Resort)

The above activities can be reserved through Marsman Travel 
Telephone: +632 8880228.
(Prices are provided only as a guide and are subject to variations and change)

More info about Boracay Island, you may visit 
Log on to to check out the flight deals now!



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