Some of the reasons why you should really visit Boracay Island!!!

Just few weeks back, I been to what claimed to be the best beach of the world in Boracay island!
And indeed it was! I believe you all had read on my blog sharing on my day 1 to day 5 of my Boracay trip.
So in this post I gonna summarise what are some of the reasons you should check out Boracay island!!!

Crystal Clear Water
The water is so clear that sometime I thought I am in a big swimming pool.

Powder fine sand
Take off your slipper and walk along the beach!

Great place for relaxation
Boracay island is definitely a great place for relaxation with such beautiful scenery!

Great place for photography
I would recommend those who love photography to come here and also wedding couple to come here too!

Good place for family bonding
An ideal place for romantic vacation for sweetheart and family bonding time.

Easy Availability of Trikes
Moving around the island is made convenient with an easy availability of trikes which is the most popular mode of transport on the island. Don't look down on this vehicle.

Boracay trikes can carry an incredible number of  6-10 adults, including three up front, four in the back and one or two on the back seat of the bike with the driver.So this are the back seat. For a 10 minute ride will cost about PHP20.00 per person.

Helmet Diving
(Credit photo to Jerome)
Don't miss this exciting water activity in Boracay!

Cliff Jumping
(Credit photo to Jerome)
You can do Cliff Jumping in Ariel’s Point!
I did the 5m one! Well, it doesn’t seem high in the pictures!
But when you are standing on that diving boards, you know it is safe but but your mind will be crazy when you saw how crazy high it is! But tell yourself this “Don’t think just Jump!”. There are a lot of diving boards with different heights, 15m as the highest, then followed by 10m, 8m, 5m, 3m, and then the 2m.

Horseback riding
Have you try horseback riding at the beach?
While you are enjoying riding the horse, take some photo with the horse.
Well it is too expensive to own a horse I know, but you can take photo and pretend you really own one.
Like for example kissing it... Hahaha...

Navigate your way around the island with a Segway fun ride!

Zipline through a lush tropical jungle with a spectacular view of the island afterwards.

Rent an All-Terrain-Vehicle
You can drive the ATV to Mt. Luho for scenic view cause it is the highest point in Boracay.
Go there for sunset view will be ideal!

Roll down a hill inside a giant inflatable bouncing ball!

Paraw Sailing
A Paraw is a local sail boat with two outriggers and two sails found in the Philippines. Experience the traditional way of sailing. It is all about relaxing, enjoying the sea breeze and the scenery. Better yet, view the incredible sunset while relaxing on this traditional sailing boat.

Watch Amzaing Show
Amazing Show, a theatrical variety show in the Philippines, has come ashore to Boracay after successful runs in Manila and Cebu. It is also one of the biggest transvestite theatre in Asia. There are two shows each night, starting at 5pm and 7pm, lasting approximately 1 hour.

Jonah's Fruit Shake & Snack Bar
This is one of the must visit place when you go Boracay!
It was said to serve the best best fruit shake in the island!
It is located along Station 1 in Boracay, Aklan.

Bars and Nightlife
Boracay is definitely one of the top destination for nightlife
Party and nightlife in Boracay have been chosen as among the best especially as it features fire dancing, fireworks, live bands, DJ’s and a lot of dancing.

Daytime, you will see people walking along the beach or even strolling along the shores. People shopping at D’Mall and other shopping spots. Tourists playing water sports activities. And some lazily lounging under the shade of the coconut trees. However, as night comes, Boracay turns into one big party place where everyone is welcome to join in.

With the Tigerair new routes, you will take less than 6 hours to get to Boracay from Singapore. 
The Tigerair flight from Singapore to Kalibo takes about 3.5 hours. 
Then from Kalibo, take a 2-hour van ride to Caticlan port where you are 10 minutes away by ferry from the famed paradise.

Started from 18th July 2013, Tiger Airlines will be flying from Kalibo to Singapore at 8:10 a.m. while the Singapore-Kalibo flights will be at 12:25 p.m. every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. An additional Friday flight will be available from August 16 until October 25. Incredibly, fares starts as low as S$224 for return and I heard that there were limited promo tickets that went for S$160 for return. 

Log on to for flight deals now! 

You'll find a reason to smile

And now I gonna share a video of my
5D4N Boracay Island Escapade!!!

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  1. There are actually many reasons why you should really visit Boracay and countless of reasons why you will love it!

  2. I had the chance to go to Boracay last month... One of the best memories I ever had