Clear Men Fresh Tips You Need To Know (Sponsored Blogpost)

Fresh tip #1 for Men- Never use your girlfriend's shampoo.
Are you currently using a shampoo specifically for men? If you are not, you better start changing to one now. I believe many guys aren't aware of this issue. Well, there are reasons you shouldn't use your girlfriend's shampoo, because female shampoo may contains a high level of conditioning materials that may clog hair follicles.

 Studies had also shown that a man’s oily skin secretions are about twice those of a woman. For those men who are active in sports, sweating and oily scalp secretions are even more pronounced. If they are not cleaned well, then fatty deposits will build up and clog hair follicles.

Introducing Clear Men, the World's No.1 Male Shampoo!
It contains Bio-Nutrium, Ginseng, Tea Tree and Mint. Intensely cools and deeply nourishes the scalp. It helps increase natural resistance against dandruff, itch and remove grease.

I'm loving the masculine scent and the tingly feeling on my scalp.
My hair feel soft and clean everyday with Clear Men.

Fresh tip #8 for MenEat green veggies for great scalp & hair.

Fresh Tip #10 for MenUse the correct amount of shampoo.

Fresh tip #15 for MenDrink water to avoid dandruff.

Fresh tip #26 for MenBeer is good for hair.
Clear had specially formulated 2 type of shampoo for Men. 
Check and find out which suit you more!

Start using Clear Men for all day freshness with zero dandruff!

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