How to make your blog popular?

Hi everyone, I'm a full time Lifestyle Blogger ( in Singapore. I left my Social Work Job about 2 years back and since then I been attending events and also blogging for a living.

So what is a Lifestyle blogger?
Basically a Lifestyle Blogger writes about many things (Events, Food, Travel, Fashion, Entertainment, Technology & More). That why sometime you see my blog will write about food tasting and travel etc.

Bloggers get paid and also receives perks.
Throughout all this year, I am very fortunate to know many people and also being able to use my blog as a way for advertising for them. In the past, I never believe being a blogger I can get to enjoy so much perks and enjoyment.

Get sponsorship for holiday trips, food, electronic gadgets, skincare products, movie gala tickets. Also invitation to parties, concerts, product lauches etc .

This year was a really fruitful one! I got sponsored trips to Osaka, Korea, Malaysia and Philippines. And most of the time, we are treated like a VIP.

Yes some would think it this way, I am my own boss. I don't have to report to office daily 9-5pm. My timing are more flexible and I can plan my schedule and what I want to do.

How did my blog get popular?
Well, I guess partly it is because of Nuffnang SG and also OMY SG.
I used to be very active taking part in their activities and also winning in several blogging competitions. That's how I got the nickname "Contest King" , "Prince of Contest" and people asking me why I kept winning.

I'm not really an expert in contest. Well if you asking me for tips, that would be Sincerity, Time and Effort.
If I will to take part in any competition, I make sure I study well and also do my best in it.

How can a blog earn money and how to be a successful/ popular blogger?
You need certain number of viewership of cause.
No advertiser will want to engage you if you just started your blog unless maybe you are Lady Gaga or some other well known celebrities. So work on your viewership 1st I suggest. Monitor your stats to see if there is improvement and find out ways to improve your blog. Make more blogger friends and learn from them or discuss with them on  how you can improve. Give suggestion to each other on how to improve the blog. Once you get the viewership, the advertisers and sponsors will come find you for sure.

Not a easy job as a Blogger
Well you may think being a Blogger is a good job cause you see me most of the time attending events and going holiday. But the actual fact is I am working even I am attending events or going holiday. Cause I need to remember what I experienced and also take photo during my holiday trips. Cause after I come back home, I need to do photo editing and also blog about it. And sometime a blog post can take up to hours to complete.

But I am glad I survived all these years well and still fighting!

Thanks all my readers for reading my blog.


  1. I remember seeing you during the OTO Aunty Lucy look alike event, hehe...

  2. 加油! It's never easy to be a full-time blogger. Like the entertainment celebrities, people always only see the glamourous side but fail to see the hardwork & effort put in to attain to the peak.

    Can see that you really put in a lot of effort in those blogging contests which my sister & I feel that you truly deserve them, not just pure luck! Though we still like to tease you - why you win again??? *sob sob*

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  5. well done William! :) keep up the good work and follow your dreams!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

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  7. I think it is not easy being a full-time blogger. Jiayou~!!

  8. Hello i am also create the new blog unfortunately didn't continue my blog. Because its spent on more time. Anyway thanks for your posting.


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