Did you survived in the RACE THE DEAD - 5K Zombie Run?

Did anyone took part in the RACE THE DEAD - 5K Zombie Run 
happened last weekend (26 & 27 October 2013) at Sentosa?

Brace yourself for a 5K dash that will set your heart-racing faster than you can run. Standing in your way, every corner and every turn, will be hordes of zombies waiting to grab a hold of your beautiful faces to tear them open and consume what's beneath. The apocalypse is closer than you think, and if you think all you've got to be is fast, you've got another thing coming.
Runners will have to maneuver and traverse a string of obstacles that makes "challenging" sound like a walk in the park, at the same time having to dodge and outrun zombies awaiting their next meal.
Make your way to The Fort, the last remaining safe haven that is quarantined and kept safe from the zombie hordes. Armed military personnel will be waiting for you at the gates to ensure your survival, but getting there is the challenge.
Before it was known as Sentosa (isle of tranquility), the island had gone by another name that many have chosen to ignore or hush away, Pulau Belakang Mati (isle of death from behind).
There were many legends and myths surrounding the origin of that ominous name. One version stated that the island was once a place of piracy and bloodshed, and the victims of the murders still haunted that place. Another account revealed that the island was once a fishing village that had half its population wiped out by a viral outbreak. The bodies were never found, and the remaining population moved out of the island for fear of their lives.
Many conspiracy theorists believed that the authorities had a facility located below the island which housed the once missing bodies to determine the cause of death and develop the virus into an enhancement that they can use on living persons.
That did not turn out well.
Singtel mioTV was one of the main sponsor for the event and they had a event whereby they broke a record of having 263 people showering simultaneously (Same Venue).

And the criteria for the shower: 
1) Guys have to be topless 
2) Girls have to be in bikini top/sports bra
Plants Vs Zombies had a truck there too to promote Plants Vs Zombies 2 game on Andriod!

5,000 survivors of the Race The Dead event refilled their energy with Rotting Flesh Tacos, Bloody-eye Shots with Maggots and Blood Beverages at The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Café.

Complimentary Tombstone Cupcakes at The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Café

The Twin- Dillon & Delon who took part in the run.

Met Charlene at the event.

 Met Deanna who was running for the run too!

Met Thiang they all too!


Official Website: http://www.racethedead.sg/

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