Magnum Singapore 25th Anniversary Party

Magnum's birthday may be over but the seeking of Magnum Pleasure will not stop!!!
Happy 25th Birthday to Magnum again!
Me and my friends had fun at your birthday party!!!

We just never have enough of Magnum or will never have!

This photo of Ben ( sure look like his birthday! 21st?

Maybeline was a lucky girl that night to have 2 guys kissing her the same time!


Silver ( can I kiss you?

And YES I DID!!!
How lucky am I!!!

Ending my post with the customised Magnum I had that night!
It isSO PRETTY that I couldn't resist not take a photo to post on my instagram.

Always wanna design your Magnum?
You may still seek your pleasure at Customs House Terrace till 23 July.



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