Singapore Dance Delight Vol.5 Finals (Photo and Video)

Hi guys,
I'm sure you have heard of Singapore Dance Delight? Yes it is Singapore’s largest street dance competition and the Singapore version of the international street dance competition from Japan – Dance Delight.

Yes it is also the 5th years, Singapore Dance Delight is presented by F&N Sparkling Drinks and organized by O School. (Give our F&N and O School give a round of applause please!!!)

Special thanks to F&N, I  am invited to watch all the Singapore Dance Delight from Vol 1 to Vol.5. I saw the competition getting bigger and bigger each year. I am really impressed and touched with the dance skills and ambitions of each dancers every year. This year I also noticed the girls are getting stronger too. Keep it up the girls power!!!

They said "台上一分钟,台下十年功" and I agreed to it. I can tell the dancers spent a lot of their time training to perform on this stage. During the interview with some of the dancers, I also heard from one of the dancers that their group always injured themselves while training. I can really feel their passion in dancing, something they really enjoy doing even how many times they fall down. It was also mentioned by the judge that night, it is only with great passion and not by the awards that a dancer can go far.

That's me with F&N Cool Icecream Soda!!!

F&N Official Bloggers - Me, Carine and Cheow Yi.

Special F&N Sparkling Drinks Dispenser

F&N helpers

Grooving to the F&N Groove Nation. It was really fun!!!

 Me, Colin and Mint Leong!

Shopping for F&N Sparkling Drinks...

 Luminous light photo booth area!

Anyone want some Cheeky Cherryade before the show start?

In Kallang Theatre Media Seats with Yufan from IMSG and Jianwei from SPH.

Me and Mint 

Sheikh Haikel was the MC for Singapore Dance Delight Vol.5 again this year!

 The Freak Chicks

Whatever Werks


Pinoy Hip Hop

Color of Life


The Project 1.0



FMD Extreme


Limited Edition

 Female Gangsta

All Out Crew (A.O.C)

Four Thirteen



 The Dude

Flair Origins


Feel Good

Freekzy Bots

The Gentleman Collective

During the stage game, there was a young boy who went up stage for a dance challenge and he did this action which got the crowd cheering for him.... Sheikh Heikel followed what he did after and got us all laughing crazily...

Another young boy who did a hand stand.... They are the rising talents in future!

The panel of judges that night are....


Shaun Evaristo


Henry Link

Ryan Tan

The result for Singapore Dance Delight Vol.5 (Finals)

1st Runner Up- Four Thirteen

2nd Runner Up- Freekzy  Botz

Champion- Flair Origins

The prizes for the winners are:

1) 4D3N sponsored trip to Japan Dance Delight Vol. 21, Osaka Japan by F&N Sparkling Drinks
2) X-Mini UNO Speaker
3) Cathay Cineleisure Movie Tickets
4) Lenovo Yoga Tablet 
5) O School $1000 CASH

1st Runner Up
1) X-Mini UNO Speaker
2) Cathay Cineleisure Movie Tickets
3) O School $800 CASH

2nd Runner Up
1) X-Mini UNO Speaker
2) Cathay Cineleisure Movie Tickets
3) O School $500 CASH

The Top 23 Finalists that night! You guys did a great job!
It is really entertaining to watch you guys performing on the stage. Best wishes in your dream!!!

Me, Colin, Mint & Janice

Janice and Me

Me, Ziling, Mint and Colin

Me and Megamint (Amin & Maggie), they are Champion for SDD Vol.4!

Check out my one finger stand!!! hahaha...

Ending my post with a 
recap video of the #FNNSDD5 finals I did:

Thanks F&N once again for having me at the Singapore Dance Delight Vol.5!!! Looking forward for the next Singapore Dance Delight!!!

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