Power of Dad

It is no doubt the fact that we often hear so much the importance of mothers in children's lives but we cannot forget the fact that fathers play a much more importance role in the family too.

They are often the sole-breadwinner and decision maker in the family. They are also the role models and examples to follow for the children and the children's mum. My father plays a significant role in the family. He provide for the family, by working, disciplining and nurturing them.

I still remember when I was young, I used to get canning from my dad for the things I done wrong. Thinking back now, I think he did a great job as a father in disciplining me and teaching me the right things for who I am now.

He had clearly showed me through the father son relationship with my mother how to be a man.

From my father, I also learn how to be a man and how I should treat a woman. He always being honest and responsible and also showing love and respect to my mum and the family. This is definitely something all men should follow.

Father's Day is celebrated on 15th June in many countries.
It is a celebration to honor and show appreciation to fathers and celebration of fatherhood and male parenting.

Here is a heartwarming video
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