Real Escape Game- Escape from the Moon Base

Trapped within a confined space, have you got what it takes to escape?

ONE HOUR LEFT UNTIL YOU RUN OUT OF AIR."Emergency! Emergency! The base is severely damaged! Cause unknown!" Suddenly, the alert blares out through the base. You are trapped! There is only one hour of oxygen supply left and seconds are already ticking away. What caused the damage? Is there a way out? Solve the mysteries, escape from the Moon Base, and survive!

What is Real Escape Game?
REAL ESCAPE  GAME IN SINGAPORE VOL.6- ESCAPE FROM THE MOON is is a real-life, thematic puzzle event that will “lock down” players in a venue filled with numerous riddles, signs and secrets. Be prepared to be locked-up for 1 hour as you try your hand (and brains) at the riddles and earn your bragging rights in that moment of glory when you manage to solve the mystery! If the time runs out before you solve the mystery, the game is over and you will unfortunately leave unvictorious. Those who manage to escape get the bragging rights ;)

Created by SCRAP Co, Ltd and produced by Vivid Creations Pte Ltd, the Real Escape Game is a must-play for anyone interested in being a part of highly interactive mind-challenging game.

Team-based game which is perfert to make new friends or reconnect with exisiting ones
This is a team-based game, each team is comprised of up to 6-7 members, so this is perfect opportunity to make new friends or reconnect with existing ones. To solve the puzzles, definitely you required interaction and cooperation with your teamates! 

The puzzles stimulate lateral thinking and are suitable for young and old alike; basically anyone who enjoys mental stimulation can be assured of an exciting, nerve-wrecking, heart-pumping fun time!Players will need to cooperate with their teammates, leverage upon each player's wisdom and abilities to solve the riddles and tricks planted in the room, and finally, win their victory over the game when they successfully escape.

Video introduction to the Real Escape Game concept:


General information:
1. Gameplay lasts 60 minutes.
2. You can come in a team (Max 7 per table) and we also welcome solo adventurers! We will be assigning you to other groups as Real Escape Game is impossible to be enjoyed with only one in a team.
3. Answers to the riddles will be released at the end of each sessions.


Great for corporate team bonding


Sick of the usual team bonding activities?

This game is highly recommended for corporate team bonding sessions!
They are able to cater to different group sizes and different venues. 

Please do not hesitate to contact them at for more information. If you're looking for something different, this is it!
Game Session Timings:
14 JUNE 2014: 11:00 | 14:00 | 16:30 | 19:30
15 JUNE 2014: 11:00 | 14:00 | 16:30 | 19:30

14,15 June 2014

National Design Centre, Auditorium, 2F

$27.00 – Standard ticket 


For more information and updates, check out their facebook:



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