I'm the Top Pezzo Pizza Sale Blogger in Singapore!

Hey everyone,
Remember few weeks back, I shared this " Buy 2 slices get 2 slices free" Pezzo Pizza Promotion with everyone on my social media platform (Blog, Facebook and Instagram)? I believe a lot of you had used the promotion code too.

Thank everyone for the support and I hope you had enjoyed the pizzas!
I'm not the only blogger sharing the promotion. There were about 20 or more bloggers from Singapore sharing their unique promotion code too. Guess what? 

I'm the Ultimate Winner!!!
The Pezzo Team have been monitoring the sale made and tracked I'm the TOP PEZZO PIZZA BLOGGER with the MOST SALE!

And I was awarded $1000 from Pezzo Pizza!

I'm really surprised to have help Pezzo reach out to that many customers for the promotion digitally on my social media platforms.