Singapore Bloggers had a Special Date with Korean Superstar- Lee Min Ho!

Korean Superstar and Drama Prince, Lee Min Ho was here in Singapore on 27 September to OSIM to celebrate OSIM’s 35th anniversary.

The charming star recently starred in the popular drama “The Inheritors”, which drew legions of fans all over the world. Lee Min Ho has set hearts yet a flutter by becoming the latest celebrity endorser for OSIM’s triple enjoyment massage sofa that can transform into a relaxing lounger or a full-body massage chair. Lee enjoys the OSIM uDiva’s state-of-the-art 3D Power-Ball massage technology as it packs an intense, precise and effective massage to soothe and energize his tired body after a full day of acting.

Since his endorsement of OSIM uDiva, OSIM has received numerous requests from customers asking to meet Lee Min Ho in person in Singapore. Fans of Lee Min Ho got their wish came true as they were treated to a meet-and-greet session titled ‘Celebrate OSIM’s 35th Anniversary with Lee Min Ho’ on 27 September.

The public got to meet Lee Min Ho at this highly anticipated date held at Causeway Point. Apart from getting up close with Lee through games and activities, 35 lucky uDiva customers got a special photo opportunity with the Korean heartthrob, and shared why they love the OSIM uDiva.

Prior to the meet & greet sessionOSIM held a press conference exclusively for Media and Bloggers at Westin Singapore. During the conference, Lee shared how OSIM’s uDiva has charmed him with its luxurious pampering and indulgent massage.

Popular TIN Bloggers like JoeyCheowyiCeline and Vivian  were at the event too!
You should ask them how does it feel like siting on the sofa that Lee sat on during the conference and also the face to face experience.

TIN Fashionista Blogger- Ben Jermie and Sara Shantelle were invited to the event as well.

 Myself, Sara Shantelle, Nich, Chee Sheng and Hpility with our goodies bag received at the Osim event. Thanks Osim for the invitation and the goodies bag of love!

More charming photo of Lee Min Ho taken during the media conference held at The Westin Singapore:

For more details regarding ‘Celebrate OSIM’s 35th Anniversary with Lee Min Ho’, please visit theOSIM SG Facebook page:



  1. Oh my gosh, I wish I have the opportunity to meet Lee Min Ho in person. *envy*