William & The Julie's Factory!!!

 Wow... Recently I had the honor to be invited by Julie's to visit Julie's Factory @ Alor Gajah, Malacca together with a group of popular bloggers from Singapore.

This is the 1st time I ever enter a biscuit factory and I'm really excited to be able to join this trip.
Plus Julie's have always been my all time favorite biscuit brand and thus I was really excited when I got to know I was invited to attend this 2D1N Julie's Factory Tour @ Alor Gajah!

Well... I'm sure many of you will know the brand Julie's!
 My personal favorite is the cheese crackers!
Julie's was established in 1981. 
PERFECT FOOD is the manufacturer of Julie’s biscuits. The brand “Julie’s” has been in the Malaysian market since 1985. Baked with love, “Julie’s” has become a household name in the country today.
Julie's has presence in more than 60 countries including Singapore and they are still expanding!
They have also won numeral award (Asia Excellence Brand Award 2011-2013, Best New Bakery Products 2013 and many more) over the past years.

Their Vision
We conduct our business with conscience to benefit all

Their mission
We  bake with love
We care for the society
We love the earth.


Upon reaching the factory, we are brought to this place for a welcome lunch!

Bloggers just enjoy camwhoring and camwhoring...

Attention ladies and gentlemen... 

That's Mr Martin Ang from Julie's (General Manager of Sale and Marketing)!

That's a great spread of lunch! Feeling so love from Julie's!

Food made with Julie's cheese crackers!

How can you resist this...

Thanks Julie's staffs for hosting us!

Nasi Lemak! That's one of my favorite!

Angeline! what are you looking at? Handsome prince ah?

My plate full of all the yummy food!

Glutinous rice!

Julie's biscuit goes well with coffee!

I believe everyone enjoyed the special prepared lunch from Julie!

Bloggers well settled down in the conference room after lunch.

Welcome speech from Mr Martin Ang!
During the introduction, Mr Martin said they baked all their biscuit with love. They believed that only what they will eat is what they will give to others to eat.

We had tray of yummy biscuits placed in front of us on the table!

Gin shared her story about who is best of her!

The Best of You!
The Best of me will be my mum. She prepared breakfast for me everyday and I never heard her complaining about having to do all this. Her love for me is unmeasured and I'm thankful to have a mum like her.

Wefie wefie!!!

More Wefie!

Selfie with one whole tray!
Win liao right!!!


Just kidding... We are preparing ourselves to enter the biscuit factory!

Bloggers are you ready?


We are all ready!
Then lets go check out!!!


Oil spraying


Quality control


Check out what is on my hand! It is the Peanut Butter Sandwich!

It is still warm! Hmm tasted so great!

Thanks Julie's for inviting me for this trip!
It had been an eye opening experience for me.
And thanks for reminding me who is the best of me? 
I certainly like the idea of how you guys inspired people with your biscuit and how you guys gave back to the society with rewarding the unsung hero out there with your biscuits!

Looking forward to hear many wonderful stories from you!
Continue to bake and share your love this way!

I Love Julie's!!!

Check out their facebook page:



  1. Hey William! Thanks for the great blog post and for sharing your love for Julie's biscuits! Do keep in touch and we'll see you in future events :)