Sponsored Video: Jude Law won over with his Dance Moves

JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL had recently launched a new short film. The film starring Jude Law and co-star Giancarlo Giannini was shot in the British Virgin Island and directed by British director Jake Scott. 

The 6 minutes short film sees the 2 gentlemen relaxing and sipping to their glass of blue-labeled whisky on a beautiful and luxury yacht in the British Virgin Islands.

Law stated his intention to buy the yacht for himself but Giannini replied the yacht is not for sale. Giannini stated that the luxury yacht was built in 1928 and it was rare and there was no other yacht like this in the world. So Law proposed to buy the yacht not with money but to win it with a dance. Giannini seem to accept his wager and toasted to Law with his glass of whisky. Law found out later that he does not even dance.

With his desire to win this money-can’t-buy yacht, he set off his mission to orchestrate a magnificent performance by playing a piano and performed a tap dance. This unique dance show was complete with back-up dancers and live band. Giannini who was invited to his performance, sat down with a glass of blue-labeled whisky and looked at how Law was swayin’ to the music.

In the end, Giannini also joined him in dancing on the dance floor and even when they were walking outside. Well it was clear that Law have won the yacht.

The second time both went aboard, it was the other way round with Giancarlo’s turn to propose a buy-back of the yacht. Law replied back exactly the same words that Giannini had said to him before. What would Giannini propose to get back the yacht?

Watch the video below and find out:

According to Law: “The film is about improvement and progress and this is something I try to do in my work and life. I had to learn new skills through the shooting of this film and that, combined with the places we visited and shot in, alongside working with Jake and Giancarlo [Giannini], too, made it a truly rare experience.”

This experience is just in line with the character of Blue Label which is truly rare and unique; complex, powerful, incredibly smooth and retains the Johnnie Walker signature smokiness.

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