Folr- a location-tracking app helps you to stay connected with your loved one

With the technology we have today, there are so much more things we can do to show our love and care to our loved one. 

Beside calling or texting them, we can also share locations too!

Do you know there is an app that helps you watch over people you love?
Introducing, Folr, a location-tracking application, that gives real-time information on the whereabouts of family members, significant others, best friends and more.

 Folr is really easy-to-use and comes with a comprehensive reporting / admin suite, in addition to the mobile application.

Don't worry this is not a stalking app.
The service is entirely permission based, with the aim of giving peace of mind about the location of your loved one. 

Who is folr app for?
1. It can be for parent who are busy at work and want to keep track of their children's whereabout after school. 
2. Families to monitor the whereabout of their elderly parent with cognitive impairment and memory loss from Dementia or Alzheimer.
3. Good for your family vacations or even theme park outing with friends. So you can keep track of a big group of travelers without a flurry of texts and calls
4. School administrators can monitor the school's attendance easily.
5. Partying at night is now safer too. With friends on Folr, you can be sure if they are returning home safely.

How to get started?
First, download Folr from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
Second, activate location-based services for Folr in your devices' "Settings". 
Third, open Folr to create an account and log-in. 

Repeat as necessary for as many other devices that you would like to track. 

After that, you will be able: 
- Get real-time, detailed information on the location of your loved ones. 
- Get a detailed location history of your loved ones.

Folr is a free app and can be used on mobile and tablet.

For more information about Folr, please visit their website or connect with them through their social channels below:
Visit App Store or Play Store to download the app and start showing your love to your loved one today!